Monday, November 24, 2008

The Wrath of the Dragon and Dog

It was a lazy but productive weekend. Productive in the sense that I had managed to get a few more articles on to my blog despite feeling like doing nothing all day long. The key to getting inspired I guess is to find a case that may spark my curiosity on the accuracy of Bazi intepretations. From Google Analytics, I see that readers are interested in famous people like Obama or Cho, the Virginia Tech shooter. I’m not too sure if local politicians get traffic to the blog, but I am certain there is a significant interest in INTERNATIONAL politicians.

My television is usually turned to some Chinese news channel most of the time as my dad in law is very interested in things happening in China and Taiwan. Been handicapped by the fact that I don’t understand Cantonese or speak Mandarin, I usually don’t pay very much attention. But over the last weeks, they have been talking about Taiwan’s ex president, Chen Shui-Bian and how he had channeled some state funds to his personal accounts. Usually the Chinese channels are very visually explanatory. Plenty of diagrams in paved with pictures of people explaining how funds were diverted here and there etc. Difficult not to get curious about what really happen!

Did a wiki search, found Chen’s birth date and plotted his bazi chart. I would imagine a person of his stature, position, and knowledge would have consulted someone on his life path, and yet every action he did and took, essentially brought more trouble to him during unlucky periods.

Chen is a strong Geng Metal person as he was born in season. He is an extremely smart young man who graduated with distinction and ultimately ended up with a law degree. This is implied by the fact that Indirect Resource element is pronounced in the branches of this month and day branches. Indirect Resource usually means the person is very innovative in his thoughts and ideas. Yet it is these very two pillars of Dragon and Dog that will bring about his problems in the future.

The Geng Metal person is sharp, determined and strong willed. He knows what he wants in life and goes after it, maybe a little too aggressively in his case. You see, fire is power to a metal person. But fire of the SUN is not the ideal fire for a Geng metal. He needs Ding Fire, that signifies power and authority (and forges his Geng Metal). The Bing Fire is the fire of aggression. The Tiger – Dog branches also implies the horse is present thus presenting the fire of authority in his chart. He does have a sub Qi ding fire in the month of his month pillar. This person will have power in life!

Chen became politically involved in the 80’s during his 28 luck pillar of Ji Chou (pure earth) Technically Ji Chou (OX) is not a good 10 years pillar to be in as it technically only strengthens Metal. Already strong metal like to be weakened not strengthened further! These were tough years for him. He was jailed in 1985 for an article he had published in his pro-opposition magazine. Not only did he lose the election, it was also in this OX year, that his wife was hit by a truck causing her to be paralyzed from waist down.

What happened? Ox forms a destruction formation with the Dragon. The wife is represented by the Direct Wealth element found in the Dragon branch, which so happen is the spouse palace too! The Dragon and Dog already forms clash relationship inside the natal chart. When the 10 year luck pillar of OX came about coupled by an OX year, disastrous events took place.

His luck changed for the better as he entered his 38 luck pillar. After been released from prison he served as the legislative assistant to his wife and started practicing law. By 1989 he was elected and served as the executive director to the Democratic progressive Party Congress which had the support of some key government people. The Geng Yin luck pillar represented support from friends and money. The rest was history. By 2000 Chen was elected President and served 2 four year terms.

If there was one thing that I remembered and cherished in Bazi class, no luck is forever good or bad, and even in very good luck or bad, there will be a spot of the reverse! This is represented by the Taijitu symbol!

In March 19, 2004 Chen escaped an assassination attempt. March 19 was a Ding You (Fire Rooster day). Interestingly, Rooster combines with Dragon creating Metal; Rabbit (10 Yr LP) combines with Dog creating Fire. Fire and Metal, symbolizing gun fire!

2008 was when Chen’s luck ran out again. Chen is now in his LP of Ren Chen (Water Dragon). When the dragon emerges (and clash with the Dog), trouble signs (corruption charges etc) begin to appear. In fact, by mid 2007, the public was calling for Chen’s resignation. By the time 2009, the year of the OX, I predict you’ll see the more disastrous events for the ex President and his wife.

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TS said...

The assassination in 2004 has raised question whether it was self-orchestra. Whether it is true or not, it was widely believe this assassination helped Chen Shuibian to win the 2004 election by a very narrow margin. So is it bad luck to be assassinated?