Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thaksin the Political Master

There seem to be so many politicians in trouble today. I had written earlier about Chen, Taiwan’s Ex President. Even I have a few cases that I was requested to review, I like quickly highlight another millionaire politician, Thaksin Shinawatra.

I’ve visited Bangkok a fair bit in the last few years. I have even once literally dined in the same restaurant as Mr. Thaksin and his wife one Sunday evening. There was no entourage, probably a few body guards, but I didn’t see any, and folks in the restaurant didn’t rush over to greet him (as you would normally expect in Malaysia), in fact, no one did. He did smile to people who were stealing glances at the couple.

Recently, the exiled ex prime minister had announced that he had divorced his wife in Hong Kong on November 15, 2008. Many had speculated that it was because he had parked a fortune with her and it was done because he had an outstanding warrant of arrest and there was talk of extradition of Thaksin back to Thailand for trial.

This is Thaksin’s chart. I do not know his birth time, but his wife, the Direct Wealth, is clearly indicated as the Geng Metal in the spouse palace. Thaksin is a strong ying fire, as he is a ding fire born in the GOAT month. Again, metal is one of Thaksin’s favorite elements as it weakens strong fire. Geng metal, to be made useful needs to be forged by Ding Metal.

These arrangement of elements and their position indicate great love and affinity for each other in the chart.

It almost seemed that the divorced was an ‘arranged’ or orchestrated divorce rather than a divorce because of irreconcilable differences. Even though November was a Pig month and the Pig clashed with the Snake (spouse palace), it was Gui Hai month of water and water is another favorite element for Thaksin!

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Anonymous said...

What you have written is not true confirming from his actual hour of birth. You can wrap up & go home as a destiny master