Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Grand old man of Malaysia

After looking at a few younger politicians, it only makes perfect sense to look at Malaysia’s father of Modernization. The grand old man of Malaysia as he is fondly known, is Malaysia’s 4th Prime Minister. He was responsible for many things, one of which brought me back to Malaysia – The Multimedia Super Corridor. So, I’m not too sure whether to love him or hate him, but I truly believe Malaysia has benefited from his leadership. I remember him as a man of vision and action. He carries this little book and whenever he writes anything into it, action will surely follow!

Like so many Malaysians celebrities I do not have their time of birth, but Dr. M actually mentions his REAL birth date (somewhere, I can’t remember) so I would used that rather than his official one.

Dr. M is a Yi wood person born in Summer. So technically he (Daymaster) is NOT Strong or Prosperous (this is to support my believe that great people does not necessarily have to be strong or prosperous). If you look at his wood, he is supported NOT by water, but by earth, representing his indirect wealth. You’ll also find the elements representing his friends or support in the known pillars of his chart. Essentially, you could interpret this as having support from his rich buddies. It was his policy to enhance the progress of the nation through wealth building. Dr. M policies had made a lot of people rich and they in turn helped developed Malaysia to what it is today.

Dr. M’s approach has never been conventional. This is indicated by the Indirect Resource (Gui Water) right next to him. Water (representing wisdom) is critical for earth (representing wealth) to grow wood (him). The next important element that is not in his natal chart is the Bing Fire, we know for soil to grow wood water and Sunlight is critical. But I feel that fire is only secondary to water, as he was born in the summer season and he already gets his much needed warmth from the 2 goats in his chart. Furthermore, fire weakens the wood, so fire is not one of his favorite elements.

In Dr. M’s case, you’ll see that his resource is not rooted (unsure, because it possibly could be rooted in the hour pillar). However, from reading his bio, we know that he had a sound education as he father was a headmaster and had been quick strict with all his children. (My reference actually came from a cartoon biography by E.Yu)

Looking at his bio on wikipedia, you’ll note that Dr. M was elected as a member of parliament in 1964. But the following years, was an uphill battle for the young Dr. M. He had lost the following general election in 1969, followed by May 13 race riots and was sacked by the UMNO Supreme Council. His book The Malays Dilemma was banned in 1970. 1965, 1966, and 1967 were all fire years, an element that is not favorable to Dr. M, hence the uphill challenges.

Things began to turn after 1971, year of the metal pig, which primary chi is water. Dr. M rejoined Umno 1972, and was appointed senator 1973. 1974 he won the general elections and become the Minister of Education. In 1975 he became of the 3 VPs in UMNO. The water and wood years had helped Dr. M strengthened his political position in Malaysia. Wood obviously strengthens the daymaster, while water is an important resource to wood.

In 1978 Dr. M became Deputy Prime Minister and the Prime Minister of Malaysia in July 1981. All the key events took place during his 50 Luck Pillar, in the season of water. 1981 was a year of metal, a resource to Water. Metal in the study of the 10 Gods also represented power and authority.

As far as health was concern, Dr. M had several heart related surgeries. In 1989 he had a coronary artery bypass. 1989 was a earth fire year. In November 2006 he was again admitted to hospital for suffering a mild heart attack. 2006 was a fire earth year.

So, by just a simple understanding the person’s favorite and non favorite element, one can already predict the luck the person goes through in a particular year!



Great reading !! Love the way u did the analysis. Can you help me to analyse mine? Born at 7.45pm 08 June 1966. My email is

Chris Chan said...

You are strong Bing Fire person, very regimented, determine, frank, straight forward shooter...see my recent article on the dashing entrepreneur...same kind.

You are definitely the relationship and social animal. That's how you thrive.

You desire to be creative.

You are sitting on money, which could mean could your spouse is wealthy (or supporting you).

A hot chart - it's important that you find a balance - water and metal and earth is good.

I would imagine this year is not good for you, as the Rat clash with the horse, and because you have 2 horses in your chart, you may feel a little stress. The horse is also in your parents (and grandparents) pillar, do becareful of their well being.

2009 is year of the OX, technically earth is good, but because Ox harm with the GOAT, you need to be again quite vigilant on health matters both for yourself and your parents.

Do let me have your comments. Did this reading in a jiffy so may have oeft out details.




Wow!! You are like reading my life infront of me. Very very accurate. Thanks alot.

About the "A hot chart - it's important that you find a balance- water and metal and earth is good". What should I do about it? What are the water, metal and earth are you mentioned above?

Chris Chan said...

Water can be interpreted as wisdom, emotions etc. Metal is more of the righteousness, decisions etc. Earth can be interpreted as steady, silent,resilient etc. These are actions that you describe those elements. The activities that you undertake should embody those traits I guess.

Fire is like passion etc. I guess, we need to put mind before heart...


Thank you for the great reading and adviced !

Anonymous said...

Its amazing if you have a formula to read one's life. Is it always so obvious? Can you comment on this DOB? 01Jan1973@1246hrs. She has a lot of rats around her fire. Is her career going to be alright in 2009/2010? She works as a sales mgr with 4staffs under her leadership. We tend to conceive and hoping for a baby girl, is her health in good shape? Can you read from your formula. Appreciate.

ShenQi said...

Its amazing if you have a formula to read people's life. Is it always so obvious? Can you comment on this DOB? 01Jan1973@1246hrs. She has a lot of rats around her fire (A little fire -Ding). Is her career going to be alright in 2009/2010? She works as a sales mgr with 4staffs under her leadership. We tend to conceive and hoping for a baby girl, is her health in good shape? She already sprain her wrist during CNY. Can you read & share from your formula- her character and wealth and health sign. Appreciate.

Chris Chan said...

Hi ShenQi,

It's not always obvious because each element, relationships between elements, as well as location or what they term as 'palace' can represent many things. It's easier when a context is set.

The little ding fire lacks resource. Wood is missing in her chart, and for fire people wood is extremely important. It could mean several things - the most important thing is health issues. When there plenty of earth like 2009, fire is weaken therefore health is weaken, so more care is required.

The good thing is she is supported by another Ding fire in her hour branch. Could be interpreted as support from friends.

2010 is the year of metal tiger, wood is important to ding fire, metal is fire's wealth element. There's an opportunity for promotion in 2010.

Yes, there's a good chance of having a girl, as Ji earth in in her chart.

She is quite a sociable person, but tend to be not contented or satisfied with results. Things are just not good enough for her. That's because resource is the element that gives her comfort. The lack of it creates this feeling.

Hopes this help. Very high level reading.