Saturday, November 22, 2008

Global Entrepreneur Week Malaysia

It’s been quite some time since my last blog entry. Rest assured, I’ve not given up on this blog but I’ve been busy ensuring the coming pure earth years don’t put out my wealth pillars of fire! Another way saying ‘repositioning my company’ to weather the looming financial crisis!

Anyway…I was invited to speak last night on the topic of Feng Shui (Bazi) for Entrepreneurs for an event organized by GEW (Global Entrepreneur Week) Malaysia. It was at a night spot in Sri Hartamas and my ‘dashing’ entrepreneur friend was the host and organizer.

I was initially quite reluctant to speak as I still consider myself an apprentice still ways from a ‘master.’ But since this topic was quite close to my heart, I accepted the invitation. Obviously, my primary concern was I was definitely no Joey Yap or Lillian Too, I may bore the hell out of my audience! So I needed to make it interesting and my strategy was to ‘map’ some local entrepreneurs whom I have known very well to famous entrepreneur.

Ok, I had an interesting idea. What’s next? Everyone loves politics in Malaysia, and if you have been following this blog, I actually analyzed that many of our local politicians had similar structures to western businessmen charts! So I had to do a ‘political scene.’ With the current situation with bloggers in Malaysia, I decided to play it safe, and go with an anonymous settings – so no names!

It was important to tie everything together, as if I went directly into charts, almost no one without any experience or understanding in Chinese metaphysics is going to think I’m spinning all the way during my presentation. So I needed to at least give the audience some background and the barest possible basics. Believe me, holding the audience attention during this portion of the presentation, which lasted only 15 minutes was tough. A bunch on entrepreneurs, (yi wood on Hai water)(was looking at one start up VC’s chart and saw what he was nurturing) was a tough crowd to keep their attention. Even more so, I realize there were couple of tables with whisky bottles opened!

But when we came to the charts, I got their attention! J I will over the next few articles relate some of the analysis that I have done so stay tune.

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