Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Dashing Entrepreneur

I’ve known him for many years now. This guy has always been behind the scene. His projects are always to do with people and community. A straight shooting kinda fellow, I had a sense that he was beginning to get recognition for the efforts he has been putting in and when he decided to host GEW Malaysia, WITHOUT getting paid for the job, I thought he must have really lost it, or have something brilliant up his sleeve.

You see the GEW is organized and founded by the Kaufmann foundation in the US. But Kaufmann wanted to do it ‘entrepreneur’ style. If you took up the challenge to become your country’s hosts, you did it by raising your own funds through sponsorships. The way they gauged the success of the program in each country that hosted their own week was by the number of sponsors/partners and activities that took place. Guess what, Malaysia is #3, after the US and UK. Quite impressive, and it was so impressive that Kaufmann actually send some very high power senior reps to Malaysia for a couple of days during the launch.

Anyway, you can follow GEW Malaysia here. Ok, Back to the dashing entrepreneur. Here’s his chart.

This guy is a strong fire of the SUN person. Obviously very innovative and full of ideas and probably get his success from the relationships he cultivates. I derived the relationship part from the RobWealth element he is sitting on. This Bing Wu pillar is also my season and wealth pillar in my chart. The first thing that came into my mind is stick to this fellow, he’s going to help me weather the financial storm. In a matter of fact, we have already been doing some projects together, and there’s quite a fair bit of ‘kam cheng’ between him and me and both organizations.

He is born in tiger wood month no pun intended…(I don’t think he plays golf) which in the study of the 10 Gods depict innovative ideas. There’s also the Eating God and Friends as the sub Qi. So, this guy uses his innovative ideas and creative output to get his work done, usually through relationships that he has. Let me look at the relationships next.

On his left, there’s people with power and money that support him. The hour pillar has the Bing Fire in the branch indicating support or his friend. And in the stem of the same pillar you see the Direct Officer, indicating power.

On the right of him, there’s the EG (Eating God) in the stem, right next to him. A few ways to look this formation. EG for an entrepreneur can also represent his staff or people that work for him. He is close to them and they are the ones that carry out his innovative (Jia Wood in the branch) ideas. Over in the Year Pillar, you see more support from friends in the earth branch.

Money (Geng Metal) is also present in the chart. Indirect Wealth is the form of wealth that associated to entrepreneurs (or Malaysian Politicians).

I concluded that my dashing friend has a nice chart but is he destined for success in the future. I’ve refrained from usually trying to predict the future in my previous articles as I have yet to find some a similar person/chart that have at least the same destiny path.

Reflecting on the cases that I have gone through, I suddenly realize that I have seen this type of a chart before….look below.

Now, I’m beginning to get excited. I’ve done an analysis of Steve Jobs, so you can click here to see it. Since we were looking at ‘path’ I wanted to examine when Steve was at his pinnacle of his career. I’m an Apple fan. I started with the Macintosh and although I don’t have a Mac today (actually I did by a Mini Mac but found it not that useful because of the lack of software) I do carry an Iphone and have an Itouch and Ipod. In short, big fan lah! I assume the peak of Jobs career started when he launch the iPod in 2001. So, I started digging for more information to verify my hunch. During that 10 years (in his 46 luck pillar) he was also got a big stock options valued at US$20M from Apple, he sold Pixar (that he bought from George Lucas for US$10M) for US$7.4B, and iPod was officially the best selling digital audio device in the world at 150M sold! Wow. Steve’s pinnacle was indeed his Gui Water Rooster Metal 46 luck pillar.

Let’s go back to the dashing entrepreneur. Guess what, that is coming up. When this guy is 45, 2 years away, he would go through the same luck cycle! 2010 is also a Geng Yin year. How not to make money?

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