Sunday, November 23, 2008

Between the SUN and the MOUNTAIN

Recently there’s been a lot in the news about the 2 women politician who is going after the head honcho position in the key women political organisation. I got a little curious after reading their interviews and decided to a little bit of research and pen my thoughts down on my blog.

I have travelled with one on an official business delegation trip and have encountered the husband of the other in the airport lounge in Los Angeles. That is as far as my personal experience with and knowing about them. The interview opened up a whole other perspective.

Like the SUN that spreads its light to everyone, no one can hide from the warm she emits. The SUN is an extremely regimented person, tolerant in nature, and has plenty to give. But don’t mess with her, she’ll rise again tomorrow and the following day, over and over again. SUN people have very cheerful and have a ‘sunny’ disposition, and make excellent leaders as people look up to her. They are straight shooters and call a spade a spade and the description in both interviews aptly describes her so well (so does her Bazi!).

For this SUN, she sits on Jia Wood, her Indirect Resource element or growth star. Her role in life is to affect growth and if you have seen her in action when she was a minister, you will have deep respect for her knowledge and the things she was doing.

She has an Eating God structure. Her output is all about doing ‘big’ things, so true for Bing Fire people. Her Bing fire also sits next to a Yang water (REN), with represent aggressiveness in the study of the 10 Gods. If you can imagine the SUN been reflected on the ocean, this only make her shine even brighter.

As for the MOUNTAIN, imagine a rocky mountain one. Beautiful if born at night. But this mountain is also rocky and sharp. The mountain harbors lots of hidden secrets and they are survivors as they have been around for a long time. Earth people are extremely very hardy. They are not moving, but once they start rolling, they are unstoppable. Think of a big bolder and you know what I mean.

The problem with earth people is they are contemplators. They think too much and reflect before deciding on any action. Again, the newspaper interview describes this mountain so precisely!

So…who will win next year? Maybe I should ask the baziqueen to give her views and pointers. My simplistic view of the whole election thingy is all about support. Support and not power. These are 2 already powerful women with different type approaches to the way they operate.

Here are the 2 charts. Who do you think will be the next chief?


The Mountain


Josephine said...

Two powerful women. Both the Sun and Mountain can stand through the test of time, really tough fight. I had the feeling that the Mountain has better chances to win. Strong RW in 2009, more fame and supports. LP showed Yi Wood, DO combined with Geng (mth stem) indicates affinty with the boss.
While the Sun, has strong HO in 2009 hurts her DO. She has Friend Stars in LP, still have supports but not the fame of RW.
So we wait till next year and see how things turn out ;-)

Chris Chan said...

Me too. :-)