Monday, October 20, 2008

What makes an excellent Marketing department

The Raya festivities lasts for an entire month. SO, basically the gorging continues as I get the chance to feast on more food during our muslim friends' open houses!

Just last week, I visited my friend Ms Y's open house. It was raining cats and dogs and because I had 2 open houses to go to that evening, I decided to head on there early. Getting there early gave me the opportunity to mingle with some of her colleagues that work in her team at a well known and very successful telco organisation in Malaysia. Ms Y's has been credited with some of the telco's very innovative marketing work resulting in the garnering a large market share in Malaysia.

I didn't plan to do any bazi reading that evenings, but we started talking about my son, and the next thing you know, out comes my computer and I was reading the charts of her and her staff!

Ms Y, is a Jia Wood person, sitting on geng Metal with Ding fire around her, paints a picture of a extremely successful and productive personality. (Forge metal cutting wood). The Ding fire represent the Hurting officer in the study of the 10 Gods, and her chart essentially is of a Hurting officer strcuture. My interpretation of a HO person is highly 'output' driven yet competitive. She needs to be recognised for the work that she does, and you can see that is rewarded appropriately (from the house that she lives in!) :-)

Usually you expect a tall person when you are looking a Jia wood. I guess, the chopping of wood to make wood useful kinda 'shortened' her! hahaha...

Once I completed reading Ms Y's chart, suddenly everyone around was interested in having their read, too! 1.5 hours past so quickly, and I didn't even have time to chow down on the food! The interesting thing that I realised was, everyone in her team had either Eating God or Hurting Officer chart. Her team was highly creative, obviously a mix of multiple elements daymasters, but mostly ding fire, ren water (Fire is output of Wood, Water Grows Wood).

The more puzzling thing was EVERYONE knew that birth time! These were very sharp folks that I was talking, too. Had different desires or passion in life but defintely 'output' driven, either the collaborative or competitive type!

So, next time you are looking for a strong marketing team, go for the eating gods and hurting officers!

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