Monday, October 20, 2008

Unleashing your Potential

Occasionally I get invited to speak on the topic of Entrepreneurship or Knowledge Management. Last Saturday, I was invited to give a small motivational talk to UKM students during their National Career Day.

I do enjoy these talks as I get to understand what's going on in the younger generation minds as well as reminisce my college days! I truly did enjoy my time in the university as I got to do so many things without the responsibility of having to think of how to feed the 100 people I have in my organisation today!

I guess the reason why I was invited was the organisers was intrigue on how a Piano/Music person ended being a CEO of a software company. My answer to that is simple, no one wanted to hire me (except the music schools, but I didn't want do teach music), I had no choice...or did I. I was also a person that did things because I wanted to do it, rather than being influence by someone else.

While relating my life story, the one thing that struck me was certain skill sets were inherent in me. I did not study business, but I can sell ice to the Eskimos, write a killer proposal etc. I don't think you can train a person to be a businessman. He must already have it in him or he will surely fail, in some form or fashion. I wouldn't dare make this claim, a year before, until my studies into chinese metaphysics, especially bazi.

A lot of people choose careers for different reasons, but the number reason is the money factor. Others do it because their parents. I think, if they knew what their potential was, and started developing it early in life, they would be so successful. This is where I guess the 'cosmic trinity' comes into play. Destiny determines only 1/3 to your outcome in life, the other 1/3 is environmental factors of fengshui and the final 1/3 is effort.

Any aligned effort, if started early enough, would result in unleashing your potential!

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mantis said...

is 22 too old to unleash you potential? lol.

I am studying business, but I hate it, by the way.