Saturday, October 4, 2008

Tan Sri Nasimuddin – founder and chairman of Naza Group Malaysia (25 Jan 1955 – 1 May 2008)

Tan Sri Nasimuddin was one of the most successful Malaysian bumiputra businessman in the area of automotive. He was also known as the King of AP (approved permits), as in Malaysia you need to the APs before you could import cars into Malaysia.

He died of lung cancer on 1 May 2008 at the age of 53. His birth time is not known.

If you look at his natal chart, like Steve Jobs, his Day master (DM) is Bing Fire. It also sits on an Eating God. The difference is his DM is NOT strong, as he was born in winter. You could deduce, that both fire and wood is his most important element for a weak DM.

In Nassimuddin’s month and year pillar you’ll find the Ding Fire present. A very important element to the weak DM, it also represent relationships or network that he has in his business circle. You’ll find both the wealth elements as well as the hurting office present in those mentioned pillars. I would deduced that his network or these relationships brought him the fame (hurting officer) and fortune (wealth). Another rumor was he was close to politicians which could be represented with the Direct Officer element in the month pillar.

He started his business at the age of 19, in 1974, and made his 1st million in about a year. Looking at his 13 luck pillar, you’ll see it is earth rabbit, which is predominantly wood. 1974 was Jia Yin – season of very strong wood. His most important resource for a weak fire person.

You could also observe in the year that he died, Wu Zi year (2008), Earth and Water was extremely strong. Coupled with the fact that Rat (annual) clashed with Horse (Yr pillar), Goat (luck pillar)clashed with Ox (month pillar), and the Dog (Day Pillar) clashed with month (dragon) – something unfortunate was bound to happen. He had also just moved to a new luck pillar in 2008. My simple deduction is water and earth had put out his weak fire.


Josephine said...

Interesting observation. I have always thought that only Rob Wealth will bring fame. Didn't know that the Hurting Officer can do the job as well.

Chris Chan said...

Hurting Officer is usually associated to 'movie stars'...people who 'output' but want the face. Another way to look at it is 'competitive' output!

Chris Chan said...

On Nasimuddin chart, fire and wood are important, either one can be useful god (my preference is Fire to regulate). I notice that LP is Fan Yin with Month Pillar, and AP is Fan Yin with Year Pillar? All the Fire and Wood are put out.


Purpledot said...

Hi Chris,

Just recently it was declared that nasimuddin had at least RM 3billion worth of estate that is now being fought by the 2nd wife.

My question is, his chart doesn't seem to be that of a billionaire's chart, yet he managed to amass so much money in his career.

Could you elaborate on the matter? thanks.

Some bazi practitioners had said that even Richard Li (Li Ka Shing)'s son also doesn't have a wealthy chart...but here he is a billionaire in hongkong. Many believe karma is in the works