Saturday, October 4, 2008

Steve Jobs – Innovative Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

Before the Raya Holidays run out, I better start on another case study. This time, someone many people have admired for his incredible and creative ideas – Steve Jobs.

I’m going to call on my friends at M3 and M4 class to comment on this chart. What I will do is put up some key events in his life and general observations.

Steve Jobs, a strong Bing Fire person (born in Spring – wood) obviously gets his strength from innovative, creative and forward thinking ideas (Jia wood representing Indirect Resource). Like the Sun, his energy is endless!

I want o classify him as a Eating God structure, even though I do know of a few Bazi instructors who would disagree with me, as the EG is NOT the main chi of the season. (I believe in class we were thought to look for any penetrating chi in the month pillar, and the notes actually reflected that).

I had also obtained his birth time from an astrology chart, which makes him an extreme EG, which we all know becomes Hurting Officer. His hour pillar is all EG in the stem as well as the branch.

If you have seen Steve talk (plenty of Youtubes videos out there), and I had seen him many years ago at the MacWorld in Boston, and believe me, he eats the fame up – and knowing how competitive Apple I would generally say Steve is of a EG/HO type personality.

(Hope my Eating God son can become a Steve Jobs! Hahaha)

He is known, in terms of style of management, as an erratic, temperamental, and very aggressive and demanding personality. Some of his employees at Apple actually mentioned been terrorized by Steve at one time or other! (EG people are quite eccentric by nature)

I remember Joey telling us that the EG actually represents the employees in the natal chart. Earth is actually a favorite element as he is a strong fire. Can you see the picture of the SUN been surrounded by his employees?

So you can already see that as an entrepreneur, he already has a strong self, strong resource, as well as strong output. The one thing missing is Wealth (even though there is a Xin metal in Xu, but it is secondary chi) (This is the primary contrast with someone like Bill Gates, where the wealth element is prominent). I guess where Bill Gates was brilliant at making money, Steve Jobs was always ahead in terms of innovative products!

Starting at 16, he is in water luck pillar. By 36 to 65 it is the season of Metal. Both Water (aggressiveness and power) and Metal (wealth) are important elements to a strong Bing Fire.

The only known health issue was in mid 2004 (Jia, Shen) where Steve was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and had successful surgery to remove the tumor in July 2004. I suspect, during 2004 the monkey and clashed with the tiger in the natal chart, where Steve’s all important Jia resources gets chopped down by Geng metal in the Monkey! In mid year, it is the season of fire (not his favorite but probably important to him, as he resource was been whacked by metal!

Recently, in July 2008 (Wu Zi), there’s been a rumour that Steve’s health has deteriorated again.

Anyway, you can get a biography of Steve Jobs here.


Chris Chan said...

Steve Jobs chart:

the first impression is that the qi flows so smooth for this chart. Strong resource (in season) supporting the DM, and DM is able to release its strength via strong output. Wealth should not be a concern with strong output. I was trying to figure what is the useful god, and I think is Fire (though it is not present). Reason is that without Fire, the strong resource will curb the output, and maybe I am right, for Steve achieve great success in IT/Technology which is Fire related.

One question is how accurate is the birth hour? I am surprised that a Bing Fire born at night can have such achievement. Remember how Joey always say the quality of Bing Fire is reduced if borned at night? Again, a chart should read as a whole and maybe the weightage on single element, especially DM should be put lower.

Just my two cents,

Josephine said...

I thought Joey has mentioned Steve Paul Jobs in his 2nd Bazi book. It a bit different from how you all interpret it.Both of you have a very unique way of reading a chart.