Monday, October 27, 2008

More Action Orientated Bazi

Since we are at the topic of ACTION orientated Bazi, let’s look at another case. This is a young upcoming prominent politician. We don’t have the date of birth so obviously I need to put a disclaimer on the accuracy of the analysis.

He is a Xin Metal person, born in OX month (the season of water). Here is where lots of confusion occurs, and I generally try not to take sides where is comes to whether a person is strong (because earth produce metal…yah yah yah…I can hear Joey saying, “earth CANNOT produce metal…”) and if it’s the season of water, how can metal be strong. So, my approach is ignore rather than argue first.

His Xin metal is however supported by another Xin metal, which to me indicates he cannot be that weak anyway! Another way to look at it, since it is at the SPOUSE palace, is that his spouse is extremely important to him (since we know that he is not born in season).

Xin metal people are extremely sharp and quick in thinking. They are socialites, have high self respect, and sometimes are vain people. Think of beautiful jewelry. They however can be quite stubborn in their personalities. Usually, they cannot take ‘stress’ or they will go out of shape.

He is an Indirect Resource structure person. He seeks comfort and knowledge through very innovative approaches. Expect him to be non conventional when it comes to his actions.

He has money. His wealth of indirect wealth is rooted and penetrates to the heavens. No problems where is comes to making money (the businessman way)(Indirect wealth represents money made through business, inheritance, relationships etc. Direct Wealth is through your own hard work…poor me, have to work hard for the money the rest of my life!)

So where’s the power? With the Rooster and Ox side by side, we can assume there a Snake that is implied. (Snake, Rooster and Ox forms metal) In the Snake there is Bing Fire. The Bing in the study of the 10 Gods represents the Direct Officer, or power and authority. Metal also represents support (to a metal person). This guy is ‘unseen-ly’ powerful!

So before straying too far away from the objective of this article, let me go back to the basis on what ACTIONS he should focus on.

Self is good, supported. Resource no problem, rooted and penetrate to the heavens. This guy is smart probably very eloquent and sharp witted. Money and power is there. The weak link in this example would be the Output (although it may be in the hour pillar).

His campaigns should be focused on OUTPUT that is related to WATER and FIRE (especially Bing fire (fire of the SUN). Why FIRE? Because it’ll make him shine even more! What is Water Output? Probably knowledge base activities like ICT, education etc.


Josephine said...

May I know who is this fellow? Please email me.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting analysis. Is this person related to Kelana? Was his real DOB used?