Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mike Tyson – The Firery Fighter

I woke up this morning wondering how the chart of ‘people who wasted away their wealth’ would look like. I remembered Joey had mentioned in his M4 class that folks that had the wealth element (especially Indirect Wealth) ONLY in the stem and no wealth rooting had the possibility of squandering their wealth away during their life time. (Other than the fact that they had only LOOKED rich on the surface)

Doing a simple Google search returned a website link with the title “ 6 People Who Pissed away a Fortune.” At number six, was Mike Tyson. He would be an interesting character to analyze as there probably would be quick a fair bit written on Mike Tyson that I could base my analysis on.

Looking at his chart, you’ll see that it is quite a hot (temperature wise) chart. Two horse next to each other, one with a Bing sitting on top in the year pillar. For a Geng Metal person, the two horses make up a self punishment with the ding fire representing Direct Officer, and sitting Bing Wu in the study of the 10 Gods represent 7 Killings. What a childhood he would have had! Fire is obviously NOT one of his favorite elements as it only weakens metal and strengthened fire further! This person has an aggressive personality (7K) and probably got in trouble with the law often (Ding represented the law and is in a self punishment formation.) According to Wikipedia, by the time Mike Tyson was 13, he had been arrested 38 times!

Not only was he a wild kid, he didn’t have a good childhood. This is reflected by the fact his 1st luckpillar is Yi (wood) and Goat. Another fire (and resource of fire) Goat and Horse would combine creating more fire!

However, when you think about a Geng Metal person, fire becomes a very important element, as Geng needs ding fire to be forged, or it cannot be useful. Mike’s Geng metal, although not born in season, is not that all weak, as he is sitting on Shen (monkey). And there’s another Geng metal in Shen. This forge metal is useful to cut wood, his wealth element, which sits next to him in the form of a Jia Wood representing his Indirect Resource!

This clearly demonstrates the ability to make money very easily. But how did he squander away all the fortune that he had made?

Let’s look at the time Mike Tyson became famous. In 1984, he had turned professional. In 1985 he defeated his opponent with a first round knock outs. He subsequently won 26 out of 28 matches via knockouts, which eventually lead to him being the next heavy weight champion! Even though 1984 was the year of the rat (water) and 1985 was year of the ox (earth)(but season of water)(not his favorite element as it weakens water, Mike was in his 11th luck pillar, of metal, and that took precedent over the annual year elements.

In 1986, Tyson become the youngest heavy weight champion in history. 1986 was the year of tiger, where wood represented his Indirect wealth. By the early 20’s Tyson was clearly on the way to a lot of wealth! This wealth streak continued for several more years until about 1990, where his luck started running out. 1990 was the year of the horse – FIRE! 1990 was also his ‘Fan Yin’ year indicating an ‘external’ sad event.

Another thing to note is in 1988, Don King had emerged bought all future contract to Tyson’s matches. Don King could clearly be represented by the Ding You luck pillar that emerged when Tyson was 21. Ding in this case represented his ‘boss’ and YOU’s element of XIN represented RobWealth, people who interested in taking a piece of Tyson’s action.

In 1991, Tyson was arrested for the rape and convicted in November 1992. 1991 was a Goat year. Goat clashed with the horse, and Tyson got in trouble with the law again! History repeats itself. He was sentenced to jail for 6 years but was released in March 1995. He started to fight again and won a few earlier matches.

In November 1996, Tyson tried to defend his WBA title but lost to Evander Holyfield. 1996 was the year of the RAT, and water weakened metal, thus not his needed luck element. Tyson fought Evander in 1997, where he was disqualified for biting Evander’s ear! I wonder if he was ‘irrational’ at that point, as surprisingly, 1997 was the year that Tyson entered his 31st luck pillar of Wu Xu, which is pure Yang Earth representing Indirect Resource or unconventional thinking. 1997 was also the year of the OX (season of water) as well as the Ox formed a harm formation with the 2 horses, which again created the ‘breaking the law’ effect. I guess they don’t call Tyson the ‘Baddest Man on the Planet’ for nothing! This time, his luck pillar obviously not in luck.

Mike continued to fight until 2005 where he declared he will quit boxing because he no longer had the ‘fighting guts or the heart anymore.’ You would assume a man who amassed almost US$300M in ring earnings would not have filed for bankruptcy in 2003, but he did! He had squandered all away. 2003 was year of the goat or season of fire once again.

I am not certain by the fact that his Indirect Wealth element of Jia wood sits on the stem in the same pillar with the horse, but it almost seemed that every time his luck turns, his wealth flies out the window, too. I guess that is why it is so important to have your wealth rooted somewhere or no matter how much capacity you have to make money, it can go away very easily.

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