Saturday, October 25, 2008

Larry Page - the Eating God link to Wealth

I got up this morning feeling terribly lazy as I knew we had another long weekend again. Deepavali celebrations fell on Monday, but I couldn’t make a trip to Penang to see my parents as Joanne had something on this morning that would last the whole day. Checked my email, and had a nice ‘thank note’ from one of bazidiary’s reader. Suddenly, I felt inspired to write again!

After going through my emails, I started thinking about one of the candidates that I was going to hire to compliment my sales team. He had an OK chart. I wouldn’t say fabulous (then again he wouldn't be looking for a job, right), but more important, is WHAT I can do about it, or what action or job scope would he need to be in to maximize his potential.

The candidate Mr. K, had a strong water chart (which would compliment me, as I am weak), and needs fire (which I have plenty). SO as far as compatibility goes, we are a match. He has very clear rooted wood elements in his chart but his wealth element is weak (but not missing). So, I’m not too sure if his effort will translate into money, especially if he is to go into sales. This is my simple analysis.

Once again, I thought the best way to get an answer is to look at some famous personalities and study their bazi charts. Since I have been Googling for people, let’s look at the founder of Google himself - Larry Page. No birth time found, and actually very little information other than his years at Stanford (this chap is young), and of course starting up Google. But that’s ok. I just want to see the KEY to unlocking potential and see if it’s relevant to someone like Larry Page.

Larry’s a Xin metal person. Obviously, Xin people are attributed to been sharp and quick witted (smart people) and attractive (does not necessarily mean physically but also mentally). They are also very strong willed folks that can be stubborn at time. Not born in season, so not terribly strong but definitely supported by another Xin metal in the earth branch of the spouse palace.

I’ve concluded that it’s ok not to be born in season, but don’t be too weak, in perspective of the daymaster. I have seen quite a few famous and high achievers with this type of formation. (not strong but not weak, either)

Larry’s month pillar is all money, indirect wealth. So, he’s going to see money very easily (unlike my sales candidate….grump) and this money is not going to come the ‘conventional way’ which eventually make him a successful entrepreneur.

In his year pillar, we see a Gui water representing his ideas, work, output, sitting on a indirect resource, which generally tells us about translating his ‘out of the box and innovative’ thinking to a action items that would ultimately connect Larry to immense wealth he has today.

So….what’s his KEY element. I think it is the Gui Water and in the study of the 10 Gods, this represent his eating god element. This is his output element. If he manages to harness this, he is set for life. (BTW water also symbolizes wisdom, an obvious important element to him!)

Next, let’s look at some key events in his life. From the web, we know that Google was founded in 1998. But in reality, his base foundation for Google started earlier. In 1996, Larry actually ‘applied’ the first version of the Google engine to the Stanford website.

1996 was the year of Bing Zi (Fire Water rat). Water is prominent in 1996, which represents his output. Furthermore, Larry was in his 16 luck pillar of Gui Chou, which is his output star sitting on indirect resource (again representing his innovative ideas). This was a good year for realizing creative ideas, which ultimately led to the formation of Google in 1998. (which was a tiger year, representing wood, or wealth for larry!)

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