Thursday, October 16, 2008

John McCain - Money and Power

Since I have written on Obama, it only makes sense to continue on John McCain. I had a pow wow session with my personal consultant (on Bazi) on both Obama’s and McCain’s chart, and she thinks that McCain probably will win because of a better chart. I’m not too sure I agree because like everyone else I’m influenced by polls and the newspaper, but also, I’m an old fashion believer of ‘support’ rather than ‘power.’

McCain’s chart is also quite interesting as I see more ‘money’ in him than Obama’s, which, I sincerely don’t think politics and money go hand in hand! In reality, unfortunately, power brings money.

From his chart, you can see already the 2 Bing Fire stems in the month and year pillars; these almost represents leaders where people look up to. (We know that both his father and paternal grandfather were navy admirals). Also, the second Bing element, which in the study of the 10 Gods, represent his wife (second, you read from right to left), brings him the relationships, and more power (RW and DO). We know from reading his bio, that his second wife contributed money to his campaign and also introduced key supporters to him.

He is a Gui person – definitely restless than the Ji earth person (Obama). Gui’s tend to move around more and probably more ‘action orientated’ than the Ji earth strategist and nurturer. Also strong, as he is born in the season of metal and have support (F) but obviously not as pronounced as Obama’s chart. But money is everywhere. And we know wealth ultimately produces power (fire produce earth, where fire is money and earth represents power for McCain). I look as McCain as a person that is surrounded by people with money, plenty of money! (So…why not a businessman? My quick assessment is that is lacks a pronounced output element like the Eating God that can represent the employees, his work, or creativity. I also don’t see too many businessman who have Resource as a structure (such as McCain’s chart). Resource represents 'contentment' and business people are usually never contented people!

You can see also, after his foray into politics, McCain is usually associated with ‘money’ related issues (Keating Five etc.)

As a Strong Gui person, and quite fiery front (surrounded by fire elements in the stems) you can see the type of temperament and personality that McCain displays out in the open. He is known as quite a maverick in the political space, quite vocal to the extent of sometimes saying things that are rash, and a person who has a temper.

Between 1967 and 1972 he was a POW in Vietnam. He was in his 32 Luck Pillar (Geng Zi) and water is definitely not as favorite element to him. At the end of that pillar, (1977) McCain foray into politics begun. 1977 was a Fire year, and fire his one of his needed element.

So where’s the power?

If you see his month and year pillar, you’ll notice a possible combo – Dragon is implied in the natal chart. The combo becomes complete when in 2008 when he enters his 72 luck pillar of Dragon, which incidentally represent power and authority. So, he has all the signs of power. Even in the month of Oct/Nov, it is a dog month where Wu earth is prominent – again, the element represents power and authority.

So he has the power, does he have the health? Again looking at his profile, you’ll see that McCain had undergone surgery for Skin Cancer. 2000 was the Dragon year, and the 2 prominent element is Metal and Earth. The one thing that Gui Water does not want to see is EARTH, as it spells contamination. 2009 is Ji Chou, which is a pure earth year. More contamination!

So if he becomes the most powerful man in the world, I do hope he has the health to compliment it.

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