Thursday, October 2, 2008

In congruency in the Hurting Officer

Since I started to write about ‘incongruencies’ it’ll make more sense to demonstrate different cases where you see these occurrences.

In Cho’s case, you see different fronts (appearance) backed by similar intentions. Let me present another case (although not that extreme) of similar front but different and multiple intentions. The simple way to look at a bazi chart is to understand that things that occur in the stems (top) are usually associated to the outward appearance of a person. The elements that is represented in the branch signifies the intents, personal traits that is not so revealing from external observations. Understanding the perspective between the inner self and outer appearance of a person, paints a picture of the person’s characteristics that you are trying to analyze.

This is a case of a young boy where you see once again the emergence of the hurting officer. Like I mentioned in my previous blog, it’s not a bad sign or star. Once you have a pair or more of the same thing, you need to examine the overall aspects of EACH of the element (and pillar it resides in)and see its effect on the person. Usually when there is inconsistencies, problem start to emerge.

This is a simple case of a rebellious boy, that is driving the mother up the wall. Why is that happening?

If you look at the year and month pillars, you’ll notice that the hurting officer (HO) is sitting on 2 different types of branches. In the study of 60 Jia Zi (a shortcut method in bazi based on traits of each of the 60 possible combination of heavenly stems and earthly branches ), you’ll see that Yi wood sitting on Pig or water represents a floating wood. These represent constant movement and unstableness. These people are usually not studious as they lack the focus and are never leaders. Furthermore, the water of the ocean does not grow wood too well! Generally, the Yi-Hai is not so good a Jia zi to have in your chart. But this is not the end of the problem.

The other HO is sitting on YOU (rooster) represents cut flowers in a vase. This person generally does not manage relationships well and have a more aggressive nature – which is good for people in business as the upward drive usually means they capitalize on potentials that they see. But in a young kid, probably drives the parents up the wall.

But the competitive seeking fame nature of the hurting officer coupled with these 2 inner traits, creates this dual characteristic thus explaining the rebellious characteristics of the young boy.
Imagine if you are mother. What could you do?

Always remember, destiny only represents 33% of the person’s overall potential. The other one-third is the prescription of optimizing fengshui or earth luck (like where you stay, which room, facing what direction) and the more important action oriented, human effort. Any action done early enough can result in major changes later. Realizing the challenges and issues is only part of the problem, taking action is the other!

My suggestion to the mother is focus on channeling his excessive energy (hurting officer) on a sport. Since he is quite a strong self (depicted by the strength of the daymaster), he may not do to well in team sports. His chart is generally cold (rooster) so no metal type sports – like tennis, badminton or golf. I can imagine a sport like Tae Kwang Do helping the young boy get his excessive hurting officer focused and instilling the discipline he desperately needs. Lets see if the mother listens on or….I have the mum’s chart, too and that’s another story! J

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