Thursday, October 2, 2008

If Parents only Knew

Been a daddy is not easy. On one hand, you are expected to be the bread winner for the family, and on another, you are required to spend time with the family. This has always been my greatest challenge since my goal in life ever since Marcus was born is to be able to give him everything. (ok, most parents will say, a good education, good upbringing etc but since he’s my only son, I want to give him everything!)

With things been so expensive today, everything is becoming very impossible…especially when it includes giving Joanne the opportunity to spend as much time with Marcus while he is growing up.One of our biggest concerns is ensuring Marcus gets the best education. I believed that if anyone goes into a career that is the choice of the parents and not theirs, they will be forever unhappy.

A little bit of background, I have a degree in Music; a Bachelor of Piano Performance. I refused to conform to society’s norms and believed that I should be able to do what I love to do, and by doing that I could be successful. The reality of it was, I didn’t want to teach music for a living, and in Malaysia, that was really the only way you could make a decent income. So, I started a small software company 12 years ago with Joanne, but it had grown to close to 100 employees and we are even public listed now. Don’t know what happen…but it happened. Within a blink on an eye!

Ok, back to my son. So you can imagine me and Joanne having this debate on what Marcus should be. If only I had a crystal ball….Aha….being Chinese businessman and mildly superstitious, maybe I can consult my Feng Shui master and get some answers. She used a technique called Bazi or literally 8 characters to analyze ones life path or destiny. And the answer that we got is we should not worry, he’ll be ok (health wise….we were originally concerned because Marcus spoke late) and he has the ‘professional star.’ Grump….not too sure if that answer is going to help us decide how to help Marcus develop his talents.

Now since, I got a little curious about Bazi, I started buying books on this subject. There were bazi books in the market place written in English by Joey Yap, so I had started reading it, and next thing I knew I was hooked. I made up my mind that by understanding the destiny path of anyone (including Marcus) I could cultivate the potential of the person to the maximum (including my employees!) I went into over drive, bought his dvds, and then started taking Joey’s bazi courses and even now have a bazi consultant to help me understand a more about this ancient art that helps decipher ones destiny.

It may sound a little ‘hairy fairy’ but I know a lot of top CEOs in Malaysia who are advent believers of this ancient Chinese art. You see in the olden days, they didn’t have HR managers, so they relied on their feng shui masters to decipher one’s bazi.

I’m sure by now, you are curious about what I know about Marcus destiny. He has what bazi experts called an Eating God structure. Translated to lay man language it means he is quite artistic – he actually loves to draw, write, play music and dance. He is quite eccentric by nature, and has the intelligent star, meaning he’s a smart boy but a little timid. And will be quite eloquent. So, my little Eating God may possibly become a musician, performer, a writer, a cook, etc. When Joanne heard this I think she was a little skeptical (and probably super concerned as she doesn’t he can make a living on those career). I believe otherwise. You just need to be very good in whatever you do.

All this artistic traits can already be seen is him, and now his bazi confirms it. Joanne, did not believe me, after all, reading a few bazi books and a few courses does not make me a full fledge expert on an ancient art that is 2000 years old!. So, we signed up a consultation session with Joey Yap himself and he confirmed it. So, knowing what I know, how do we react as parents?

Follow his life progress on his blog. I've created a label that basically points to his creative work. Cheers.


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