Friday, October 24, 2008

Daim Zainuddin - the Political Businessman

On the way to work this morning, the radio station were discussing about how to inculcate good reading habits in children. There was a parent that called up and mentioned to the listeners that he has a different type of problem. His children cannot stop reading, and they have to even put locks on their book shelves. I have personally encountered a few kids that are avid readers, but it’s that extreme habit that is of interest to me. There was even a parent that complained her kids are lazy and just want to read all day and do nothing.

In the study of 10 Gods, the resource element is usually associated with knowledge, comfort, satisfaction, laziness etc. My next objective is to look for a famous someone that has a ‘resource structure’ in the chart. As I have been looking at famous westerners, maybe I should shift my focus closer to home.

Again, like always, after Googling for famous Malaysian, I stumble across this name, which has been missing in the local political and business scene for a while now. I’ve heard from the grapevine that he has been acquiring banks in Africa over the last few years. He is non other than the former Finance Minister of Malaysia, Daim Zainuddin.

Reading his short bio on Wikipedia, the one thing that struck my attention was Daim’s partner obviously believed in Feng Shui, and decided at one time, that they needed to be in business that was related to the element of Water.

I do not have Daim’s birth time, but from his date of birth, Daim is a Xin Metal person born in the Dragon month. Many have asked this question of strength of the metal day master, when the person is not born in season but in one of the earth months (dragon, dog, goat, or ox). I remember Joey clearly telling us, earth CANNOT create metal! (although, technically in theory, earth produce metal). So rather than argue or dive to deep into technicalities, I’m just going to plain ignore it and look at the surrounding elements and their implications in Daim’s chart.

Daim’s day pillar is a Xin Mau. In the study of the 60 Jia Zi’s, we know that Xin Mau is very ‘pure’. Pure in this case means clear, define, and sometimes extreme. There are only one primary chi in Xin and Mau. They represent someone who probably will have no problem doing business or making money as the Yi wood represents indirect wealth to a xin metal person.

He is born in the month of Dragon, where it is a season of wood but the main chi is yang earth or Wu. Wood represents wealth and in the Dragon, you’ll find also the Yi wood or indirect wealth. Looking close at the year, month and day pillar (we don’t have the time of birth), you’ll see that 3 animals (Tiger, Dragon, and Rabbit)(though not in the right order) combine to form ‘Spring’ or Wood or again, wealth. This individual is no ordinary person.

He is however a Direct Resource person. And we also know that direct resource personalities seek comfort in life and could possibly be lazy. Looking at Daim’s bio in Wikipedia, there’s note about his childhood and how he was very much an ‘absentee student’ and how he had developed a ‘strategic studying method’ to advance to the next level with minimum effort. His parents had played a key role in providing the guidance and even sold land in order for him to further his education abroad. Looking closer at his parents pillar (month) you’ll see all this been represented. Mother is represented as the Wu earth, and father as the Yi wood, all in the parents pillar representing strong affinity to him.

Daim had also a voracious appetite for reading, which is a common attribute to resource people.

Daim graduated as a lawyer and was called to the Bar in 1959. Both the Bing Fire and his strong Direct Resource structure indicate that he will gravitate towards this profession as well as go into politics ultimately. In 1969 Daim decided he would go into business.

Daim’s big break came in 1971, when he ventured into property development. 1971 was Xin Hai year, which was predominant a water year. He was also in his 31 luck pillar of metal, representing relationships and network that could help strengthened himself in terms of ultimately controlling his wealth!

You’ll see subsequently, that Daim had encountered much success in water years through his lifetime, and that his partner assessment of water being an important element to him was accurate! You see, in Daim’s chart, wealth is already prominent, his self does not appear strong, but key mediating element is water. Metal (him) produce water (output) produce wood (wealth).

From a political perspective, you’ll see that Daim success is also attributed to periods associated to Water and Metal. Daim had become the Minister of Finance in 1984, Year of Jia-Zi (Wood and Water), both important elements to Daim. He was also in his 41 luck pillar of pure metal!


Collby said...


I've made quite an interesting discovery from your blog!. DAIM and Madoff have the same birthdate!

Correct me if I'm wrong!

I guess hour pillar makes a huge difference! One is in jail the other enjoying his billions!!!

ibnusultan said...

how did you calculate the birth date ? how about mine ? 23 aug 1982. :)

Anonymous said...

Daim's good friend

Anonymous said...

Daim's whipping boy