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Cho Seung Hui – The Virginia Tech Killer

I was resting watching some television when Joanne asked me about what causes people mind’s to snap. My answer was to associate a problem with Metal and Water (mind and emotion). So happen, at that point, CI (Crime Investigation) was on, and featured Cho Seung Hui, the Korean student at Virginia Tech that went on a shooting spree on April 16th 2007. A quick search on the net resulted in his birth date and an astrology site actually mentioned his birth time at 130am.

Here’s the chart of Cho, and the year of the unfortunate event.

Cho’s daymaster is Xin metal. Xin people has a tendency to have ‘showy’ personalities. All Yin stems at the top basically describe a demure, softer side of Cho. However, when we look at the earthly branches, we see where the problem lies. Predominantly earth, metal and water, the chart lacks warm and the thing that stands out is the Ren Water which in the study of the 10 Gods (a Bazi technique)represents his hurting officer star.

There’s nothing wrong with a hurting officer star as it symbolizes competitiveness in creating something while looking for the attention. Usually the hurting officer star is quite obvious for the people seeking fame in the things they do, e.g. an actor etc. But if you look at each of the stems where the hurting officer star sits, including the year where the shootout occurred (2007), you will see a different element there. This basically means confusion, incoherent and inconsistent thoughts, coupled with the competitiveness and fame seeking intent. This in congruency is a cause of a lot of mental problems.

As the chart lacks fire, especially Bing fire, the ‘righteousness’ of the person becomes questionable.

On April 16, 2007, the month was Jia Chen (Wood-Dragon), day was a Geng-Chen (Metal-Dragon). I maintained for something drastic to happen, some ‘clash’ has to occur. In this case, Dragon clashed with Dog, Cho’s 10 years luck pillar. The clash was significant as it was a dragon-dog clash or yang earth and yang earth clash (think of an earthquake), and the storage and grave elements (secondary chi) was released. (fire and metal).

Cho was obviously emotionally disturbed and plotted this event, but the clash signified the decision to go on a rampage – a shooting rampage is represented by metal and fire.

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Chris Chan said...

Hi CT,

On Cho's chart, I thought Chen is tomb of wood but storage of water? If clash open, it would release the water (since Gui is at stem). The clash of graveyard elements is something which I am trying to figure out lately, there seems to have different view what would be released. Anyway, i also support your view that the 7k contribute to killing, and is reinforce by the HO nature as highlighted by Chris.

However, I choose a different view how 7k aggressive nature is activated. I remember in M2, under Useful God chapter, 7k needs to be controlled but not over controlled. My view is that in Cho's case, the 7k is over-controlled with so many HO elements.

Two more points of discussion (if any is interested):

1. There are two bullying punishment between the Chou and Xu in LP. There are also self punishment in the Hai. All the branches are involved in punishment and these obviously would not be a happy person.

2. I believe Earth is the Useful God, to support Metal and control overbearing Water. The Chous are already in bad shape with punishment with Xu, and the two Chens coming basically rendered the Chou useless. Lastly, the Ji Earth (Hour Stem) is also combined by the Jia Wood. With Earth gone, water floods and the mental snap.

Anybody has other views, feel free to share.


Hi, can't help joining in the discussion. The Cho's chart intrigues me. Before I start, I just want to say that I am still very thirsty for knowledge. I don't have the advantage of Chris having a database of DOB ! so I have to resort to reading family members, relatives, friends, colleagues etc. I must say I am still way before I can be really sharp in Bazi. I may be going for more BZ courses. So if there's anyone interested to go for more courses, drop me an email and perhaps we can go for more courses together. Have also been reading a book on 10Gods by Goh Guan Leong. This book describes very detail about each God's characteristics.

Anyway back to Cho's chart. Quite clearly this chart belongs to an eccentric person (most psychopaths would have such chart), and highly emotional person. This can be seen from the strong IR penetrating to the stem. Another factor is the strong water element in the chart. You can see there's almost a double winter season present. Hai<--> Chou will push out the Zi element which results in total winter season present. This shows a person someone with emotional problems, and highly unstable. A chart without fire is a person who has problems finding happiness in his life. It's also a person who tends to be more pessimistic about life. During his younger age, he will be a very quiet kid. This you can see from the 1st luck pillar which if you match it with his chart, the EG will be rooted. A person with too strong a EG tends to keep things to himself and a loner by nature. Cho obviously thinks the whole world is against him since young too. With a Fu Yin between his Year pillar and his 2nd luck piilar, the age of 14-23 will not be good years for him, which likely shows his lack of affinity with his relatives, family members and these will be trying years for him. These are also the years that he will feel even more isolated from the world. If you don't have good relationship with others, it's not too bad, but if you don't even communicate and have good relationship with your own family members, it will affect a person's thinking and view of the world. This together with his already emotional and irrational thinking, it's just waiting to explode. Coupled all this happening in his younger life with his chart strong IR and strong water element, this is a potential time bomb. So why did it take up to April, 16th 2007 to explode ??

He just crossed over the his new luck pillar in 2007. This is a Ren Xu pillar which has HO at the stem. We all know that HO is an output element that is more active and drastic than EG (in his previous luck pillar). Year 2007 is also a Ding Hai, year. 7K is at the stem. Hai will add on to the already very emotional chart. I believe, all along Cho has all this negative thoughts about the world and people around him, but the turn of the luck pillars and the year involved in 2007 will be the turning point whereby he will turn his thoughts into action. From the reports, he was seen to buying weapons in Feb 2007, which is the start of his new luck pillars! So why wait till April ? Months of Feb and March has HO and EQ at the stems, and if we remember HO and EG will control 7K, thus he was still under 'control' though barely these two months. On 16th April 2007, the day was Geng Chen, month was Jia Chen. We know Chen is the graveyard of Water. The element that controls 7K is at weakest stage. Geng (RW) is the day stem, and the combo of RW and 7K ( from year stem) is a combo of hatred and jealousy. RW also helps to make Cho to be more bold on that day. So ,a person that was known to be eccentric, loner and shy unfortunately became a killing machine on this fateful day.

Ok, that's all, do feel free to add your observations and comments. As mentioned, I just write what I feel it's right so there may be other explanations too. I got to go back to work now, work are piling up ......!!!


On 03/10/2008, Teck Seng Eng

Hi Chris,
I absolutely agreed with you Bazi is a Art and nothing can be set in stone. The elements meaning can change for different charts, which is that's why i posted the metal as righteous for discussion purpose ... it is good that we can discuss openly, and can share from each other interpretation and experience ...

Your example on DOs and 7Ks match one example that Joey always like to quote, where a person is surrounded by Wealth can be on who works in bank ... thanks for sharing this examples ..

I also had read Raymond Lo's book ... his approach is different from what we will taught ... if have chance, maybe we can discuss Lin Ching Hsia chart ... i thought she is a strong Water lady, but Raymond Lo's said she is weak and Metal and Water is favorable.

Anyway ... great blog, I see that you uploaded two more charts, keep it going.


Hi teck Seng,

Thanks for the comments. I actually wanted to go in a change it based on your comments, but decided to sleep on it. Woke up this morning and think I have an answer for you.

The one thing I noticed since doing M3 and M4, and looking at almost 200 charts - yup, it helps when you have a software that collects DOBs and charts. Sometimes, you need to think it through.

I realise why Bazi is an Art rather than a science, even though, there seem to be so many 'scientific ways' things are explained. Nothing can really be set in stone. It's merely a framework or guide.

Give you an example of a few instances where I was looking so hard for an answer, and it turn out differently. I was looking at this business person who had bunches of DOs in his chart (especially in the hour and year pillar). He had never worked a day for someone else. I went on to ask him whether he had interest in politics or law etc. Nope! Finally, guess what, he told me his brothers and father were all lawyers! So, the fact that we see DO's in his natal chart but just around him generally, we can also deduce it can mean surrounded by DOs!

Have another similar examples except this time it was 7Ks. I went on to say abt his agressive star lah, business acumen etc....boy was I wrong! It was the fact that everyone in the family was trying to influence this poor girl to be an engineer. 7K can be represented by influence.

I will write up this experience later in the blog.

So, when we look at Cho's natal chart, it is obvious it lacks warm. And we also know for the fact this guy plotted the whole thing to the extent of even recording something and placing it on YouTube! I had deduce, he was a cold character but looking at more the HO side of things.

I remember Joey telling us abt how the Bing Wu pillar is an ethical person pillar (he has one hahahah....), I was quite excited too because I have one! (and in my month)...until I saw a scumbag I knew who had one! This is when I realise, there's a lot of divinition in it, and each element or 10 gods can meaning many many things (not to mention palaces etc.) That's why doing a little bit of probbing is important. Hate to say there's no riht or wrong, but I'm close to that assumption.

I bought a book by Raymond Lo, that had many cases in it, and he uses more of the elemental approach (5 elements) to demonstrate bazi. Extremely general but still accurate. I guess if the event had already taken place, very difficult to refute.

You know we should put links to each other blogs in our blogs or even publish each others work.



Hi Josephine and Chris,
I just went through your blogs ... great write ups .... great that you guys are willing to share examples!!

For sake of discussion, looking at Cho's chart (from Chris's blog), Chris commented that the lack of Bing Fire indicate questionable "righteousness". I would have thought righteousness is more linked to Metal, whereas Mannerism/Passion is Fire.

Cheers, and keep the thoughts coming.