Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Business of Malaysian Politics

I visited one of my investors/shareholders yesterday to update him on deals, pipelines etc. As we were chatting, he mentioned to me about a 'talk' that he was suppose to give about entrepreneurship. He essentially will try to model the dynamics of technology business in the West (America) to the property sector in Malaysia. There seem to be a match as far as the dynamics of how the tech industry evolved in the US and how the property sector is growing in Malaysia. Interesting phenomena.

I then came to another realization. I've been reading quite a few charts of famous business people in the US like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs etc. as well as famous politicians in Malaysia. Was working on our 4th Prime Minister's chart yesterday when it suddenly dawned on me of very acute similarities between Entrepreneurs in West and Politicians in Malaysia! Most politicians in Malaysia would make excellent business people, based on their bazi charts!

Darn, should have not gone into Business. I wonder if I qualify to join MCA....


razlan said...

Follow your passion, my friend!

razlan said...

I always believe you need to bounce ideas around. While i considered comparing industries, your focus on the human aspect is intriguing.

I would propose that our successful (err depends on your yardstick as success, sic) politicians are actually businessmen and that our "successful" businessmen are actually politicians.

So in the West the market rewards innovation, creativity and effort for businessmen. In the East the powers that be reward loyalty, sycophancy and themselves!

YI Fengshui (email:yektakwai@hotmail.com) said...

Look at the Officer Sitting On Wealth. That tells the whole story.