Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Barack Obama – The next President of the United States?

I guess my blog is beginning to attract some attention as I’ve been getting emails requesting for me to look into some interesting case studies. One of them is Senator Barack Obama. The request came complete with his analysis, which I must admit was very thorough.
I’ve attached his analysis for anyone interested to look into the details. KH Chan (no relationship to me, or at least not that I know of, just yet) can be contacted at khchan@rocketmail.com

Let me first put a major disclaimer of this case as I consider myself apolitical in nature. This means my understanding of political backgrounds and what it means is next to zilch!The first thing I saw when looking at his chart is his obvious political passion that is displayed quite openly. (displayed by the Jia Wood in the heavenly stem hour pillar). Heis a Ji Earth person, is surrounded by plenty of friends (or supporters), both supporting him as well as wanting a little more from the relationship (RobWealth). Even looking at him, you can see his refine and less agressive profile usually corresponding to a Ying Earth type person.Strong Ji earth person sitting on resource plus born is summer, indicates a strong character with strong self belief – a very important criteria to have to be possibly the most powerful man on earth!

My one big concern, is the stem combo of Jia Wood and Ji Earth, producing more earth. Does this mean his political righteousness is just a front? (Direct Officer is combined away). If I interpret this in Malaysia, it means, money politics! (forget the virtues, get more support to win!) Or does it mean, his desires will not be fulfilled? In a few weeks, we will find out, so no point trying to guess. The campaign is already getting nastier, with today’s headlines of McCain (his primary contender) promising to ‘whip’ him in the next debate! (btw I didn’t even bother to watch the debates!) The other thing to note is wood usually represents ‘compassion’. Does this mean, his style would be very ‘uncompassionate’?

There’s a few bullying punishment structures in the chart (indicated by Ox – Goat – Dog). My read in this is his life is more challenging. If you read his bio, he had quite a challenging childhood and early life, with his parents divorcing early, he moving to schools in Indonesia, his father dying in a car wreck in 1982 and mother dying from cancer in 1995.

As the primary purpose of any good chart is balance, you can see that Barack’s is in his good Luck Pillars years. 2008 is his last year of 38 Luck Pillar of Xin/Mau (or metal Rabbit), both elements being his favorite elements. In 2009, he’ll move on to his 48 Luck Pillar pf Geng/Yin, also Metal Wood. Again, his favorite elements. 2008 is Earth Rat or earth water year, which if you consider water to be one of his most important elements, is quite a good year for him. (strong earth needs to be weakned by metal and water)

The interesting thing that stands out in his 48 luck pillar is the primary chi of the tiger Jia wood, which in the study of the 10 gods already represents ‘power or authority’. Ahem…another indicator. Having said that, 2009 is a Fan-Yin year for him, which also could mean, something external (usually negative)could possibly affect or happen to him. During his 48 LP years, you’ll see his output (work) bringing him some fame (indicated by the Geng Metal or Hurting Officer)
2009 is a Ji Chou year, indicating even more support (earth) for him – again, signs of victory!


Tan Kuan Han said...

i think according to your chart, he is a hua qi ge (transform chi formation)

Supposedly if hua qi ge is established, it is very prosperous.

just my two cents opinion. :)

Tan Kuan Han said...

Sorry , I was wrong then. :)