Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Business of Malaysian Politics

I visited one of my investors/shareholders yesterday to update him on deals, pipelines etc. As we were chatting, he mentioned to me about a 'talk' that he was suppose to give about entrepreneurship. He essentially will try to model the dynamics of technology business in the West (America) to the property sector in Malaysia. There seem to be a match as far as the dynamics of how the tech industry evolved in the US and how the property sector is growing in Malaysia. Interesting phenomena.

I then came to another realization. I've been reading quite a few charts of famous business people in the US like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs etc. as well as famous politicians in Malaysia. Was working on our 4th Prime Minister's chart yesterday when it suddenly dawned on me of very acute similarities between Entrepreneurs in West and Politicians in Malaysia! Most politicians in Malaysia would make excellent business people, based on their bazi charts!

Darn, should have not gone into Business. I wonder if I qualify to join MCA....

Monday, October 27, 2008

More Action Orientated Bazi

Since we are at the topic of ACTION orientated Bazi, let’s look at another case. This is a young upcoming prominent politician. We don’t have the date of birth so obviously I need to put a disclaimer on the accuracy of the analysis.

He is a Xin Metal person, born in OX month (the season of water). Here is where lots of confusion occurs, and I generally try not to take sides where is comes to whether a person is strong (because earth produce metal…yah yah yah…I can hear Joey saying, “earth CANNOT produce metal…”) and if it’s the season of water, how can metal be strong. So, my approach is ignore rather than argue first.

His Xin metal is however supported by another Xin metal, which to me indicates he cannot be that weak anyway! Another way to look at it, since it is at the SPOUSE palace, is that his spouse is extremely important to him (since we know that he is not born in season).

Xin metal people are extremely sharp and quick in thinking. They are socialites, have high self respect, and sometimes are vain people. Think of beautiful jewelry. They however can be quite stubborn in their personalities. Usually, they cannot take ‘stress’ or they will go out of shape.

He is an Indirect Resource structure person. He seeks comfort and knowledge through very innovative approaches. Expect him to be non conventional when it comes to his actions.

He has money. His wealth of indirect wealth is rooted and penetrates to the heavens. No problems where is comes to making money (the businessman way)(Indirect wealth represents money made through business, inheritance, relationships etc. Direct Wealth is through your own hard work…poor me, have to work hard for the money the rest of my life!)

So where’s the power? With the Rooster and Ox side by side, we can assume there a Snake that is implied. (Snake, Rooster and Ox forms metal) In the Snake there is Bing Fire. The Bing in the study of the 10 Gods represents the Direct Officer, or power and authority. Metal also represents support (to a metal person). This guy is ‘unseen-ly’ powerful!

So before straying too far away from the objective of this article, let me go back to the basis on what ACTIONS he should focus on.

Self is good, supported. Resource no problem, rooted and penetrate to the heavens. This guy is smart probably very eloquent and sharp witted. Money and power is there. The weak link in this example would be the Output (although it may be in the hour pillar).

His campaigns should be focused on OUTPUT that is related to WATER and FIRE (especially Bing fire (fire of the SUN). Why FIRE? Because it’ll make him shine even more! What is Water Output? Probably knowledge base activities like ICT, education etc.

Action Orientated Bazi – focus on the weak link

I had a request from another bazi classmate to help interpret his son’s chart. Looking for characteristics is easy enough, and difficult to do, when the child is only 1! But I think that’s the value of knowing and working the weak link.

I’ll post my friends boy later on, but like all my previous case, I like to focus on a famous personality. I won’t reveal the name, just yet, but it’ll be good way to make my case.

This person is a ding fire person, born in Hai (Pig), so naturally not strong as not born in season. His daymaster is however supported by resource (unfortunately not the right kind) and the Hai makes the resource not very useful as wet wood doesn’t burn well. I don’t have the time of birth so, let’s say there’s so much you can read from this chart only. He does present his output (EG) in the year stem, but it’s not supported and he has a direct officer structure.

From the description, you can say this person is quite sentimental, courteous, and conservative in characteristic. Extremely patient and contemplate his moves patiently. His self is not strong and is further aggravated by the fact his resource or support is not good. This would be his source of frustration in the future as his ideas do not come to full fruition. Another way to look at all this Indirect Resources is to understand the representation of Yi Wood as an IR. These could be advisors that use other people to get to their own personal goals! The ding fire is surrounded by them! The bazi structure tells us of a person of power, authority, righteousness etc.

Where’s the weak link? (not missing link, because it’s important that the element is still present for it to be effective). My assessment is in the eating god/hurting officer element. As we do know that there’s wealth associated to the person, probably though the children, I will assume that the wealth elements probably would be located in the hour pillar.

The flow of things moves these ways – Resource supports self. Self produces Output. Output generates Wealth. Wealth brings about Power and Authority.

This person will realize his power and authority in his 35 (starting 1974) and 65 (starting 2004) luck pillars. These are his OUTPUT luck pillars (lasting for 10 years each). Dry resource is important – which means dry wood (dead chopped (Geng metal should be present) wood), and water aggravate the situation further – such as the year of the Rat, where the base chi is Water. There would be plenty of stress in water years! But from ages of 35 through 64, he would go through the season of summer and it would be relatively smooth sailing for him. He will see his peak during his 65 luck pillars.

So, if he was my son, I would focus on a few key areas of development – resource (knowledge and foundation) and output (realizable outcomes).

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Larry Page - the Eating God link to Wealth

I got up this morning feeling terribly lazy as I knew we had another long weekend again. Deepavali celebrations fell on Monday, but I couldn’t make a trip to Penang to see my parents as Joanne had something on this morning that would last the whole day. Checked my email, and had a nice ‘thank note’ from one of bazidiary’s reader. Suddenly, I felt inspired to write again!

After going through my emails, I started thinking about one of the candidates that I was going to hire to compliment my sales team. He had an OK chart. I wouldn’t say fabulous (then again he wouldn't be looking for a job, right), but more important, is WHAT I can do about it, or what action or job scope would he need to be in to maximize his potential.

The candidate Mr. K, had a strong water chart (which would compliment me, as I am weak), and needs fire (which I have plenty). SO as far as compatibility goes, we are a match. He has very clear rooted wood elements in his chart but his wealth element is weak (but not missing). So, I’m not too sure if his effort will translate into money, especially if he is to go into sales. This is my simple analysis.

Once again, I thought the best way to get an answer is to look at some famous personalities and study their bazi charts. Since I have been Googling for people, let’s look at the founder of Google himself - Larry Page. No birth time found, and actually very little information other than his years at Stanford (this chap is young), and of course starting up Google. But that’s ok. I just want to see the KEY to unlocking potential and see if it’s relevant to someone like Larry Page.

Larry’s a Xin metal person. Obviously, Xin people are attributed to been sharp and quick witted (smart people) and attractive (does not necessarily mean physically but also mentally). They are also very strong willed folks that can be stubborn at time. Not born in season, so not terribly strong but definitely supported by another Xin metal in the earth branch of the spouse palace.

I’ve concluded that it’s ok not to be born in season, but don’t be too weak, in perspective of the daymaster. I have seen quite a few famous and high achievers with this type of formation. (not strong but not weak, either)

Larry’s month pillar is all money, indirect wealth. So, he’s going to see money very easily (unlike my sales candidate….grump) and this money is not going to come the ‘conventional way’ which eventually make him a successful entrepreneur.

In his year pillar, we see a Gui water representing his ideas, work, output, sitting on a indirect resource, which generally tells us about translating his ‘out of the box and innovative’ thinking to a action items that would ultimately connect Larry to immense wealth he has today.

So….what’s his KEY element. I think it is the Gui Water and in the study of the 10 Gods, this represent his eating god element. This is his output element. If he manages to harness this, he is set for life. (BTW water also symbolizes wisdom, an obvious important element to him!)

Next, let’s look at some key events in his life. From the web, we know that Google was founded in 1998. But in reality, his base foundation for Google started earlier. In 1996, Larry actually ‘applied’ the first version of the Google engine to the Stanford website.

1996 was the year of Bing Zi (Fire Water rat). Water is prominent in 1996, which represents his output. Furthermore, Larry was in his 16 luck pillar of Gui Chou, which is his output star sitting on indirect resource (again representing his innovative ideas). This was a good year for realizing creative ideas, which ultimately led to the formation of Google in 1998. (which was a tiger year, representing wood, or wealth for larry!)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Daim Zainuddin - the Political Businessman

On the way to work this morning, the radio station were discussing about how to inculcate good reading habits in children. There was a parent that called up and mentioned to the listeners that he has a different type of problem. His children cannot stop reading, and they have to even put locks on their book shelves. I have personally encountered a few kids that are avid readers, but it’s that extreme habit that is of interest to me. There was even a parent that complained her kids are lazy and just want to read all day and do nothing.

In the study of 10 Gods, the resource element is usually associated with knowledge, comfort, satisfaction, laziness etc. My next objective is to look for a famous someone that has a ‘resource structure’ in the chart. As I have been looking at famous westerners, maybe I should shift my focus closer to home.

Again, like always, after Googling for famous Malaysian, I stumble across this name, which has been missing in the local political and business scene for a while now. I’ve heard from the grapevine that he has been acquiring banks in Africa over the last few years. He is non other than the former Finance Minister of Malaysia, Daim Zainuddin.

Reading his short bio on Wikipedia, the one thing that struck my attention was Daim’s partner obviously believed in Feng Shui, and decided at one time, that they needed to be in business that was related to the element of Water.

I do not have Daim’s birth time, but from his date of birth, Daim is a Xin Metal person born in the Dragon month. Many have asked this question of strength of the metal day master, when the person is not born in season but in one of the earth months (dragon, dog, goat, or ox). I remember Joey clearly telling us, earth CANNOT create metal! (although, technically in theory, earth produce metal). So rather than argue or dive to deep into technicalities, I’m just going to plain ignore it and look at the surrounding elements and their implications in Daim’s chart.

Daim’s day pillar is a Xin Mau. In the study of the 60 Jia Zi’s, we know that Xin Mau is very ‘pure’. Pure in this case means clear, define, and sometimes extreme. There are only one primary chi in Xin and Mau. They represent someone who probably will have no problem doing business or making money as the Yi wood represents indirect wealth to a xin metal person.

He is born in the month of Dragon, where it is a season of wood but the main chi is yang earth or Wu. Wood represents wealth and in the Dragon, you’ll find also the Yi wood or indirect wealth. Looking close at the year, month and day pillar (we don’t have the time of birth), you’ll see that 3 animals (Tiger, Dragon, and Rabbit)(though not in the right order) combine to form ‘Spring’ or Wood or again, wealth. This individual is no ordinary person.

He is however a Direct Resource person. And we also know that direct resource personalities seek comfort in life and could possibly be lazy. Looking at Daim’s bio in Wikipedia, there’s note about his childhood and how he was very much an ‘absentee student’ and how he had developed a ‘strategic studying method’ to advance to the next level with minimum effort. His parents had played a key role in providing the guidance and even sold land in order for him to further his education abroad. Looking closer at his parents pillar (month) you’ll see all this been represented. Mother is represented as the Wu earth, and father as the Yi wood, all in the parents pillar representing strong affinity to him.

Daim had also a voracious appetite for reading, which is a common attribute to resource people.

Daim graduated as a lawyer and was called to the Bar in 1959. Both the Bing Fire and his strong Direct Resource structure indicate that he will gravitate towards this profession as well as go into politics ultimately. In 1969 Daim decided he would go into business.

Daim’s big break came in 1971, when he ventured into property development. 1971 was Xin Hai year, which was predominant a water year. He was also in his 31 luck pillar of metal, representing relationships and network that could help strengthened himself in terms of ultimately controlling his wealth!

You’ll see subsequently, that Daim had encountered much success in water years through his lifetime, and that his partner assessment of water being an important element to him was accurate! You see, in Daim’s chart, wealth is already prominent, his self does not appear strong, but key mediating element is water. Metal (him) produce water (output) produce wood (wealth).

From a political perspective, you’ll see that Daim success is also attributed to periods associated to Water and Metal. Daim had become the Minister of Finance in 1984, Year of Jia-Zi (Wood and Water), both important elements to Daim. He was also in his 41 luck pillar of pure metal!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mike Tyson – The Firery Fighter

I woke up this morning wondering how the chart of ‘people who wasted away their wealth’ would look like. I remembered Joey had mentioned in his M4 class that folks that had the wealth element (especially Indirect Wealth) ONLY in the stem and no wealth rooting had the possibility of squandering their wealth away during their life time. (Other than the fact that they had only LOOKED rich on the surface)

Doing a simple Google search returned a website link with the title “ 6 People Who Pissed away a Fortune.” At number six, was Mike Tyson. He would be an interesting character to analyze as there probably would be quick a fair bit written on Mike Tyson that I could base my analysis on.

Looking at his chart, you’ll see that it is quite a hot (temperature wise) chart. Two horse next to each other, one with a Bing sitting on top in the year pillar. For a Geng Metal person, the two horses make up a self punishment with the ding fire representing Direct Officer, and sitting Bing Wu in the study of the 10 Gods represent 7 Killings. What a childhood he would have had! Fire is obviously NOT one of his favorite elements as it only weakens metal and strengthened fire further! This person has an aggressive personality (7K) and probably got in trouble with the law often (Ding represented the law and is in a self punishment formation.) According to Wikipedia, by the time Mike Tyson was 13, he had been arrested 38 times!

Not only was he a wild kid, he didn’t have a good childhood. This is reflected by the fact his 1st luckpillar is Yi (wood) and Goat. Another fire (and resource of fire) Goat and Horse would combine creating more fire!

However, when you think about a Geng Metal person, fire becomes a very important element, as Geng needs ding fire to be forged, or it cannot be useful. Mike’s Geng metal, although not born in season, is not that all weak, as he is sitting on Shen (monkey). And there’s another Geng metal in Shen. This forge metal is useful to cut wood, his wealth element, which sits next to him in the form of a Jia Wood representing his Indirect Resource!

This clearly demonstrates the ability to make money very easily. But how did he squander away all the fortune that he had made?

Let’s look at the time Mike Tyson became famous. In 1984, he had turned professional. In 1985 he defeated his opponent with a first round knock outs. He subsequently won 26 out of 28 matches via knockouts, which eventually lead to him being the next heavy weight champion! Even though 1984 was the year of the rat (water) and 1985 was year of the ox (earth)(but season of water)(not his favorite element as it weakens water, Mike was in his 11th luck pillar, of metal, and that took precedent over the annual year elements.

In 1986, Tyson become the youngest heavy weight champion in history. 1986 was the year of tiger, where wood represented his Indirect wealth. By the early 20’s Tyson was clearly on the way to a lot of wealth! This wealth streak continued for several more years until about 1990, where his luck started running out. 1990 was the year of the horse – FIRE! 1990 was also his ‘Fan Yin’ year indicating an ‘external’ sad event.

Another thing to note is in 1988, Don King had emerged bought all future contract to Tyson’s matches. Don King could clearly be represented by the Ding You luck pillar that emerged when Tyson was 21. Ding in this case represented his ‘boss’ and YOU’s element of XIN represented RobWealth, people who interested in taking a piece of Tyson’s action.

In 1991, Tyson was arrested for the rape and convicted in November 1992. 1991 was a Goat year. Goat clashed with the horse, and Tyson got in trouble with the law again! History repeats itself. He was sentenced to jail for 6 years but was released in March 1995. He started to fight again and won a few earlier matches.

In November 1996, Tyson tried to defend his WBA title but lost to Evander Holyfield. 1996 was the year of the RAT, and water weakened metal, thus not his needed luck element. Tyson fought Evander in 1997, where he was disqualified for biting Evander’s ear! I wonder if he was ‘irrational’ at that point, as surprisingly, 1997 was the year that Tyson entered his 31st luck pillar of Wu Xu, which is pure Yang Earth representing Indirect Resource or unconventional thinking. 1997 was also the year of the OX (season of water) as well as the Ox formed a harm formation with the 2 horses, which again created the ‘breaking the law’ effect. I guess they don’t call Tyson the ‘Baddest Man on the Planet’ for nothing! This time, his luck pillar obviously not in luck.

Mike continued to fight until 2005 where he declared he will quit boxing because he no longer had the ‘fighting guts or the heart anymore.’ You would assume a man who amassed almost US$300M in ring earnings would not have filed for bankruptcy in 2003, but he did! He had squandered all away. 2003 was year of the goat or season of fire once again.

I am not certain by the fact that his Indirect Wealth element of Jia wood sits on the stem in the same pillar with the horse, but it almost seemed that every time his luck turns, his wealth flies out the window, too. I guess that is why it is so important to have your wealth rooted somewhere or no matter how much capacity you have to make money, it can go away very easily.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Unleashing your Potential

Occasionally I get invited to speak on the topic of Entrepreneurship or Knowledge Management. Last Saturday, I was invited to give a small motivational talk to UKM students during their National Career Day.

I do enjoy these talks as I get to understand what's going on in the younger generation minds as well as reminisce my college days! I truly did enjoy my time in the university as I got to do so many things without the responsibility of having to think of how to feed the 100 people I have in my organisation today!

I guess the reason why I was invited was the organisers was intrigue on how a Piano/Music person ended being a CEO of a software company. My answer to that is simple, no one wanted to hire me (except the music schools, but I didn't want do teach music), I had no choice...or did I. I was also a person that did things because I wanted to do it, rather than being influence by someone else.

While relating my life story, the one thing that struck me was certain skill sets were inherent in me. I did not study business, but I can sell ice to the Eskimos, write a killer proposal etc. I don't think you can train a person to be a businessman. He must already have it in him or he will surely fail, in some form or fashion. I wouldn't dare make this claim, a year before, until my studies into chinese metaphysics, especially bazi.

A lot of people choose careers for different reasons, but the number reason is the money factor. Others do it because their parents. I think, if they knew what their potential was, and started developing it early in life, they would be so successful. This is where I guess the 'cosmic trinity' comes into play. Destiny determines only 1/3 to your outcome in life, the other 1/3 is environmental factors of fengshui and the final 1/3 is effort.

Any aligned effort, if started early enough, would result in unleashing your potential!

What makes an excellent Marketing department

The Raya festivities lasts for an entire month. SO, basically the gorging continues as I get the chance to feast on more food during our muslim friends' open houses!

Just last week, I visited my friend Ms Y's open house. It was raining cats and dogs and because I had 2 open houses to go to that evening, I decided to head on there early. Getting there early gave me the opportunity to mingle with some of her colleagues that work in her team at a well known and very successful telco organisation in Malaysia. Ms Y's has been credited with some of the telco's very innovative marketing work resulting in the garnering a large market share in Malaysia.

I didn't plan to do any bazi reading that evenings, but we started talking about my son, and the next thing you know, out comes my computer and I was reading the charts of her and her staff!

Ms Y, is a Jia Wood person, sitting on geng Metal with Ding fire around her, paints a picture of a extremely successful and productive personality. (Forge metal cutting wood). The Ding fire represent the Hurting officer in the study of the 10 Gods, and her chart essentially is of a Hurting officer strcuture. My interpretation of a HO person is highly 'output' driven yet competitive. She needs to be recognised for the work that she does, and you can see that is rewarded appropriately (from the house that she lives in!) :-)

Usually you expect a tall person when you are looking a Jia wood. I guess, the chopping of wood to make wood useful kinda 'shortened' her! hahaha...

Once I completed reading Ms Y's chart, suddenly everyone around was interested in having their read, too! 1.5 hours past so quickly, and I didn't even have time to chow down on the food! The interesting thing that I realised was, everyone in her team had either Eating God or Hurting Officer chart. Her team was highly creative, obviously a mix of multiple elements daymasters, but mostly ding fire, ren water (Fire is output of Wood, Water Grows Wood).

The more puzzling thing was EVERYONE knew that birth time! These were very sharp folks that I was talking, too. Had different desires or passion in life but defintely 'output' driven, either the collaborative or competitive type!

So, next time you are looking for a strong marketing team, go for the eating gods and hurting officers!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

John McCain - Money and Power

Since I have written on Obama, it only makes sense to continue on John McCain. I had a pow wow session with my personal consultant (on Bazi) on both Obama’s and McCain’s chart, and she thinks that McCain probably will win because of a better chart. I’m not too sure I agree because like everyone else I’m influenced by polls and the newspaper, but also, I’m an old fashion believer of ‘support’ rather than ‘power.’

McCain’s chart is also quite interesting as I see more ‘money’ in him than Obama’s, which, I sincerely don’t think politics and money go hand in hand! In reality, unfortunately, power brings money.

From his chart, you can see already the 2 Bing Fire stems in the month and year pillars; these almost represents leaders where people look up to. (We know that both his father and paternal grandfather were navy admirals). Also, the second Bing element, which in the study of the 10 Gods, represent his wife (second, you read from right to left), brings him the relationships, and more power (RW and DO). We know from reading his bio, that his second wife contributed money to his campaign and also introduced key supporters to him.

He is a Gui person – definitely restless than the Ji earth person (Obama). Gui’s tend to move around more and probably more ‘action orientated’ than the Ji earth strategist and nurturer. Also strong, as he is born in the season of metal and have support (F) but obviously not as pronounced as Obama’s chart. But money is everywhere. And we know wealth ultimately produces power (fire produce earth, where fire is money and earth represents power for McCain). I look as McCain as a person that is surrounded by people with money, plenty of money! (So…why not a businessman? My quick assessment is that is lacks a pronounced output element like the Eating God that can represent the employees, his work, or creativity. I also don’t see too many businessman who have Resource as a structure (such as McCain’s chart). Resource represents 'contentment' and business people are usually never contented people!

You can see also, after his foray into politics, McCain is usually associated with ‘money’ related issues (Keating Five etc.)

As a Strong Gui person, and quite fiery front (surrounded by fire elements in the stems) you can see the type of temperament and personality that McCain displays out in the open. He is known as quite a maverick in the political space, quite vocal to the extent of sometimes saying things that are rash, and a person who has a temper.

Between 1967 and 1972 he was a POW in Vietnam. He was in his 32 Luck Pillar (Geng Zi) and water is definitely not as favorite element to him. At the end of that pillar, (1977) McCain foray into politics begun. 1977 was a Fire year, and fire his one of his needed element.

So where’s the power?

If you see his month and year pillar, you’ll notice a possible combo – Dragon is implied in the natal chart. The combo becomes complete when in 2008 when he enters his 72 luck pillar of Dragon, which incidentally represent power and authority. So, he has all the signs of power. Even in the month of Oct/Nov, it is a dog month where Wu earth is prominent – again, the element represents power and authority.

So he has the power, does he have the health? Again looking at his profile, you’ll see that McCain had undergone surgery for Skin Cancer. 2000 was the Dragon year, and the 2 prominent element is Metal and Earth. The one thing that Gui Water does not want to see is EARTH, as it spells contamination. 2009 is Ji Chou, which is a pure earth year. More contamination!

So if he becomes the most powerful man in the world, I do hope he has the health to compliment it.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Barack Obama – The next President of the United States?

I guess my blog is beginning to attract some attention as I’ve been getting emails requesting for me to look into some interesting case studies. One of them is Senator Barack Obama. The request came complete with his analysis, which I must admit was very thorough.
I’ve attached his analysis for anyone interested to look into the details. KH Chan (no relationship to me, or at least not that I know of, just yet) can be contacted at khchan@rocketmail.com

Let me first put a major disclaimer of this case as I consider myself apolitical in nature. This means my understanding of political backgrounds and what it means is next to zilch!The first thing I saw when looking at his chart is his obvious political passion that is displayed quite openly. (displayed by the Jia Wood in the heavenly stem hour pillar). Heis a Ji Earth person, is surrounded by plenty of friends (or supporters), both supporting him as well as wanting a little more from the relationship (RobWealth). Even looking at him, you can see his refine and less agressive profile usually corresponding to a Ying Earth type person.Strong Ji earth person sitting on resource plus born is summer, indicates a strong character with strong self belief – a very important criteria to have to be possibly the most powerful man on earth!

My one big concern, is the stem combo of Jia Wood and Ji Earth, producing more earth. Does this mean his political righteousness is just a front? (Direct Officer is combined away). If I interpret this in Malaysia, it means, money politics! (forget the virtues, get more support to win!) Or does it mean, his desires will not be fulfilled? In a few weeks, we will find out, so no point trying to guess. The campaign is already getting nastier, with today’s headlines of McCain (his primary contender) promising to ‘whip’ him in the next debate! (btw I didn’t even bother to watch the debates!) The other thing to note is wood usually represents ‘compassion’. Does this mean, his style would be very ‘uncompassionate’?

There’s a few bullying punishment structures in the chart (indicated by Ox – Goat – Dog). My read in this is his life is more challenging. If you read his bio, he had quite a challenging childhood and early life, with his parents divorcing early, he moving to schools in Indonesia, his father dying in a car wreck in 1982 and mother dying from cancer in 1995.

As the primary purpose of any good chart is balance, you can see that Barack’s is in his good Luck Pillars years. 2008 is his last year of 38 Luck Pillar of Xin/Mau (or metal Rabbit), both elements being his favorite elements. In 2009, he’ll move on to his 48 Luck Pillar pf Geng/Yin, also Metal Wood. Again, his favorite elements. 2008 is Earth Rat or earth water year, which if you consider water to be one of his most important elements, is quite a good year for him. (strong earth needs to be weakned by metal and water)

The interesting thing that stands out in his 48 luck pillar is the primary chi of the tiger Jia wood, which in the study of the 10 gods already represents ‘power or authority’. Ahem…another indicator. Having said that, 2009 is a Fan-Yin year for him, which also could mean, something external (usually negative)could possibly affect or happen to him. During his 48 LP years, you’ll see his output (work) bringing him some fame (indicated by the Geng Metal or Hurting Officer)
2009 is a Ji Chou year, indicating even more support (earth) for him – again, signs of victory!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Tan Sri Nasimuddin – founder and chairman of Naza Group Malaysia (25 Jan 1955 – 1 May 2008)

Tan Sri Nasimuddin was one of the most successful Malaysian bumiputra businessman in the area of automotive. He was also known as the King of AP (approved permits), as in Malaysia you need to the APs before you could import cars into Malaysia.

He died of lung cancer on 1 May 2008 at the age of 53. His birth time is not known.

If you look at his natal chart, like Steve Jobs, his Day master (DM) is Bing Fire. It also sits on an Eating God. The difference is his DM is NOT strong, as he was born in winter. You could deduce, that both fire and wood is his most important element for a weak DM.

In Nassimuddin’s month and year pillar you’ll find the Ding Fire present. A very important element to the weak DM, it also represent relationships or network that he has in his business circle. You’ll find both the wealth elements as well as the hurting office present in those mentioned pillars. I would deduced that his network or these relationships brought him the fame (hurting officer) and fortune (wealth). Another rumor was he was close to politicians which could be represented with the Direct Officer element in the month pillar.

He started his business at the age of 19, in 1974, and made his 1st million in about a year. Looking at his 13 luck pillar, you’ll see it is earth rabbit, which is predominantly wood. 1974 was Jia Yin – season of very strong wood. His most important resource for a weak fire person.

You could also observe in the year that he died, Wu Zi year (2008), Earth and Water was extremely strong. Coupled with the fact that Rat (annual) clashed with Horse (Yr pillar), Goat (luck pillar)clashed with Ox (month pillar), and the Dog (Day Pillar) clashed with month (dragon) – something unfortunate was bound to happen. He had also just moved to a new luck pillar in 2008. My simple deduction is water and earth had put out his weak fire.

Steve Jobs – Innovative Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

Before the Raya Holidays run out, I better start on another case study. This time, someone many people have admired for his incredible and creative ideas – Steve Jobs.

I’m going to call on my friends at M3 and M4 class to comment on this chart. What I will do is put up some key events in his life and general observations.

Steve Jobs, a strong Bing Fire person (born in Spring – wood) obviously gets his strength from innovative, creative and forward thinking ideas (Jia wood representing Indirect Resource). Like the Sun, his energy is endless!

I want o classify him as a Eating God structure, even though I do know of a few Bazi instructors who would disagree with me, as the EG is NOT the main chi of the season. (I believe in class we were thought to look for any penetrating chi in the month pillar, and the notes actually reflected that).

I had also obtained his birth time from an astrology chart, which makes him an extreme EG, which we all know becomes Hurting Officer. His hour pillar is all EG in the stem as well as the branch.

If you have seen Steve talk (plenty of Youtubes videos out there), and I had seen him many years ago at the MacWorld in Boston, and believe me, he eats the fame up – and knowing how competitive Apple I would generally say Steve is of a EG/HO type personality.

(Hope my Eating God son can become a Steve Jobs! Hahaha)

He is known, in terms of style of management, as an erratic, temperamental, and very aggressive and demanding personality. Some of his employees at Apple actually mentioned been terrorized by Steve at one time or other! (EG people are quite eccentric by nature)

I remember Joey telling us that the EG actually represents the employees in the natal chart. Earth is actually a favorite element as he is a strong fire. Can you see the picture of the SUN been surrounded by his employees?

So you can already see that as an entrepreneur, he already has a strong self, strong resource, as well as strong output. The one thing missing is Wealth (even though there is a Xin metal in Xu, but it is secondary chi) (This is the primary contrast with someone like Bill Gates, where the wealth element is prominent). I guess where Bill Gates was brilliant at making money, Steve Jobs was always ahead in terms of innovative products!

Starting at 16, he is in water luck pillar. By 36 to 65 it is the season of Metal. Both Water (aggressiveness and power) and Metal (wealth) are important elements to a strong Bing Fire.

The only known health issue was in mid 2004 (Jia, Shen) where Steve was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and had successful surgery to remove the tumor in July 2004. I suspect, during 2004 the monkey and clashed with the tiger in the natal chart, where Steve’s all important Jia resources gets chopped down by Geng metal in the Monkey! In mid year, it is the season of fire (not his favorite but probably important to him, as he resource was been whacked by metal!

Recently, in July 2008 (Wu Zi), there’s been a rumour that Steve’s health has deteriorated again.

Anyway, you can get a biography of Steve Jobs here.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

If Parents only Knew

Been a daddy is not easy. On one hand, you are expected to be the bread winner for the family, and on another, you are required to spend time with the family. This has always been my greatest challenge since my goal in life ever since Marcus was born is to be able to give him everything. (ok, most parents will say, a good education, good upbringing etc but since he’s my only son, I want to give him everything!)

With things been so expensive today, everything is becoming very impossible…especially when it includes giving Joanne the opportunity to spend as much time with Marcus while he is growing up.One of our biggest concerns is ensuring Marcus gets the best education. I believed that if anyone goes into a career that is the choice of the parents and not theirs, they will be forever unhappy.

A little bit of background, I have a degree in Music; a Bachelor of Piano Performance. I refused to conform to society’s norms and believed that I should be able to do what I love to do, and by doing that I could be successful. The reality of it was, I didn’t want to teach music for a living, and in Malaysia, that was really the only way you could make a decent income. So, I started a small software company 12 years ago with Joanne, but it had grown to close to 100 employees and we are even public listed now. Don’t know what happen…but it happened. Within a blink on an eye!

Ok, back to my son. So you can imagine me and Joanne having this debate on what Marcus should be. If only I had a crystal ball….Aha….being Chinese businessman and mildly superstitious, maybe I can consult my Feng Shui master and get some answers. She used a technique called Bazi or literally 8 characters to analyze ones life path or destiny. And the answer that we got is we should not worry, he’ll be ok (health wise….we were originally concerned because Marcus spoke late) and he has the ‘professional star.’ Grump….not too sure if that answer is going to help us decide how to help Marcus develop his talents.

Now since, I got a little curious about Bazi, I started buying books on this subject. There were bazi books in the market place written in English by Joey Yap, so I had started reading it, and next thing I knew I was hooked. I made up my mind that by understanding the destiny path of anyone (including Marcus) I could cultivate the potential of the person to the maximum (including my employees!) I went into over drive, bought his dvds, and then started taking Joey’s bazi courses and even now have a bazi consultant to help me understand a more about this ancient art that helps decipher ones destiny.

It may sound a little ‘hairy fairy’ but I know a lot of top CEOs in Malaysia who are advent believers of this ancient Chinese art. You see in the olden days, they didn’t have HR managers, so they relied on their feng shui masters to decipher one’s bazi.

I’m sure by now, you are curious about what I know about Marcus destiny. He has what bazi experts called an Eating God structure. Translated to lay man language it means he is quite artistic – he actually loves to draw, write, play music and dance. He is quite eccentric by nature, and has the intelligent star, meaning he’s a smart boy but a little timid. And will be quite eloquent. So, my little Eating God may possibly become a musician, performer, a writer, a cook, etc. When Joanne heard this I think she was a little skeptical (and probably super concerned as she doesn’t he can make a living on those career). I believe otherwise. You just need to be very good in whatever you do.

All this artistic traits can already be seen is him, and now his bazi confirms it. Joanne, did not believe me, after all, reading a few bazi books and a few courses does not make me a full fledge expert on an ancient art that is 2000 years old!. So, we signed up a consultation session with Joey Yap himself and he confirmed it. So, knowing what I know, how do we react as parents?

Follow his life progress on his blog. I've created a label that basically points to his creative work. Cheers.


In congruency in the Hurting Officer

Since I started to write about ‘incongruencies’ it’ll make more sense to demonstrate different cases where you see these occurrences.

In Cho’s case, you see different fronts (appearance) backed by similar intentions. Let me present another case (although not that extreme) of similar front but different and multiple intentions. The simple way to look at a bazi chart is to understand that things that occur in the stems (top) are usually associated to the outward appearance of a person. The elements that is represented in the branch signifies the intents, personal traits that is not so revealing from external observations. Understanding the perspective between the inner self and outer appearance of a person, paints a picture of the person’s characteristics that you are trying to analyze.

This is a case of a young boy where you see once again the emergence of the hurting officer. Like I mentioned in my previous blog, it’s not a bad sign or star. Once you have a pair or more of the same thing, you need to examine the overall aspects of EACH of the element (and pillar it resides in)and see its effect on the person. Usually when there is inconsistencies, problem start to emerge.

This is a simple case of a rebellious boy, that is driving the mother up the wall. Why is that happening?

If you look at the year and month pillars, you’ll notice that the hurting officer (HO) is sitting on 2 different types of branches. In the study of 60 Jia Zi (a shortcut method in bazi based on traits of each of the 60 possible combination of heavenly stems and earthly branches ), you’ll see that Yi wood sitting on Pig or water represents a floating wood. These represent constant movement and unstableness. These people are usually not studious as they lack the focus and are never leaders. Furthermore, the water of the ocean does not grow wood too well! Generally, the Yi-Hai is not so good a Jia zi to have in your chart. But this is not the end of the problem.

The other HO is sitting on YOU (rooster) represents cut flowers in a vase. This person generally does not manage relationships well and have a more aggressive nature – which is good for people in business as the upward drive usually means they capitalize on potentials that they see. But in a young kid, probably drives the parents up the wall.

But the competitive seeking fame nature of the hurting officer coupled with these 2 inner traits, creates this dual characteristic thus explaining the rebellious characteristics of the young boy.
Imagine if you are mother. What could you do?

Always remember, destiny only represents 33% of the person’s overall potential. The other one-third is the prescription of optimizing fengshui or earth luck (like where you stay, which room, facing what direction) and the more important action oriented, human effort. Any action done early enough can result in major changes later. Realizing the challenges and issues is only part of the problem, taking action is the other!

My suggestion to the mother is focus on channeling his excessive energy (hurting officer) on a sport. Since he is quite a strong self (depicted by the strength of the daymaster), he may not do to well in team sports. His chart is generally cold (rooster) so no metal type sports – like tennis, badminton or golf. I can imagine a sport like Tae Kwang Do helping the young boy get his excessive hurting officer focused and instilling the discipline he desperately needs. Lets see if the mother listens on or….I have the mum’s chart, too and that’s another story! J

Cho Seung Hui – The Virginia Tech Killer

I was resting watching some television when Joanne asked me about what causes people mind’s to snap. My answer was to associate a problem with Metal and Water (mind and emotion). So happen, at that point, CI (Crime Investigation) was on, and featured Cho Seung Hui, the Korean student at Virginia Tech that went on a shooting spree on April 16th 2007. A quick search on the net resulted in his birth date and an astrology site actually mentioned his birth time at 130am.

Here’s the chart of Cho, and the year of the unfortunate event.

Cho’s daymaster is Xin metal. Xin people has a tendency to have ‘showy’ personalities. All Yin stems at the top basically describe a demure, softer side of Cho. However, when we look at the earthly branches, we see where the problem lies. Predominantly earth, metal and water, the chart lacks warm and the thing that stands out is the Ren Water which in the study of the 10 Gods (a Bazi technique)represents his hurting officer star.

There’s nothing wrong with a hurting officer star as it symbolizes competitiveness in creating something while looking for the attention. Usually the hurting officer star is quite obvious for the people seeking fame in the things they do, e.g. an actor etc. But if you look at each of the stems where the hurting officer star sits, including the year where the shootout occurred (2007), you will see a different element there. This basically means confusion, incoherent and inconsistent thoughts, coupled with the competitiveness and fame seeking intent. This in congruency is a cause of a lot of mental problems.

As the chart lacks fire, especially Bing fire, the ‘righteousness’ of the person becomes questionable.

On April 16, 2007, the month was Jia Chen (Wood-Dragon), day was a Geng-Chen (Metal-Dragon). I maintained for something drastic to happen, some ‘clash’ has to occur. In this case, Dragon clashed with Dog, Cho’s 10 years luck pillar. The clash was significant as it was a dragon-dog clash or yang earth and yang earth clash (think of an earthquake), and the storage and grave elements (secondary chi) was released. (fire and metal).

Cho was obviously emotionally disturbed and plotted this event, but the clash signified the decision to go on a rampage – a shooting rampage is represented by metal and fire.